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Hair Transplants is one of the ways to thicken bald areas by transplanting grafts of hair. Known as the definitive treatment for hair loss, this method will help you regain your beauty grow your hair, and regain your lost confidence. Don’t forget that this method has fans worldwide, and it has been utilized by famous individuals globally.

If you are also looking to treat your pattern baldness, the first step you should take is to find a reputable center for Natural hair transplant. Never be fooled by advertisements and choose with open eyes. Do not forget that this action is directly related to your health and beauty; So the best thing is that by reading this article, you will get acquainted with the unique services of Helia Hair and Beauty Clinic and you will be able to find answers to all your questions in this field.

What is a hair transplant?

What is a hair transplant?

The only definitive treatment for baldness is transplant hair between hairs. In this method, hair follicles that remain healthy are taken from another part of the back of the head and transplanted to the bald area. It doesn’t matter what the cause of your hair loss is; regardless, most men who have experienced hair loss over time use Hair Transplants for Men to regain their confidence.

To be able to use hair transplant to treat your baldness problem, you should know that different techniques are used in this procedure. The two main techniques that are referred to as basic techniques all over the world are the two old methods known as FUE and FUT. However, other modern methods can rival these traditional methods. In this article, we will discuss all the ways in detail. Before discussing those, you should also consider other factors in choosing the technique.

How is a hair transplant done

How is a hair transplant done?

In general, hair transplant with full density and one stage is done by the doctor with local anesthesia. In this method, first hairs with good quality are taken from other parts of your head, which are often in the back of your head. This extraction is done with different techniques. Then, the best options are selected from the extracted grafts and prepared for transplantation. After this step, small incisions are made in the area where hair loss has occurred, and finally the grafts are inserted. Now it is time to get to know the stages of hair transplantation and designing the hairline according to the anatomy of the face:

First step: The importance of consultation before hair transplantation

In fact, one of the requirements that must be met before hair transplant is that your specialist has a consultation session with you. This is one of the most important steps that is also done well and carefully in Helia Specialized Skin, Hair, and Beauty Clinic; but is this consultation important? Yes, the consultation before hair transplant is the most important step in this process. In this session, the doctor determines the best hair transplant method for you by reviewing your medical history, hair loss, and goals. In the consultation session, the doctor reviews the following:

  • Family history of hair loss
  • Medical history
  • Medications used
  • History of allergies
  • Surgical history
  • Your goals for hair transplant
  • Scalp examination

Second step: Choosing the best thick hair transplant technique for you

Among the methods of hair transplantation, it is impossible to say for sure which of these methods is superior to the others; For this reason, when the technique and type of transplant method are to be selected, several factors are considered. The degree of hair loss, the density of the donor area, the size of the donor area, and course, the type of hair are among the things that determine which technique works best.

If your specialist is professional in his work, like the specialists at Helia Skin, Hair, and Beauty Clinic, they can choose the best method for hair transplantation with only one clinical examination session. Even if your consultation is online, selecting the appropriate technique is possible by sending photos and answering expert questions.

Third step: What tests should be done before hair transplantation?

Simple tests should be conducted before hair transplantation so the doctor can make sure there are no problems that could interfere with your transplant process. CBC-diff, FBS, PT, PTT, CT, BT, HBS ag, HCB Ab, and HIV Ab are among the simple blood tests that should be done and their results are important to your doctor.

Fourth step: hair extraction from the donor site

Often the donor area is selected from the back of the head, under the chin, beard, or above the ear. This is because these areas are often not affected by pattern baldness and do not undergo hair loss. Of course, be careful that the pattern of baldness will be very different from person to person. What you need to know in this regard is that the difference between various methods and techniques lies primarily in the process of hair extraction. Some will be done with the help of surgery, some with the help of manual methods, and some with the help of advanced devices. We will discuss each method in detail below.

Fifth step: Preservation of the extracted grafts

For the follicles not to have any problems from the time of extraction to the time of transplantation, they need to be protected. The team that extracts the hair follicles from the donor area places them in glass trays with ice at the base, and the trays themselves contain serum. Ice helps the grafts stay healthy with the cold it creates.

After the extraction process is completed, the grafts are examined to separate healthy from unhealthy samples. Then, after the number one, two, and three grafts are separated, they are placed in a refrigerator at a certain temperature to stay healthy and alive.

The sixth step: how hair transplantation is performed at Helia Clinic?

Now it is time to transplant the extracted graft to the desired area. At this stage, which begins with the renewal of local anesthesia, the specialists of Helia Skin, Hair, and Beauty Clinic transplant each follicle manually or, depending on the chosen method, using a device. For this, a special tool is used that penetrates the skin and places the follicle at a depth of 1 mm. Although the number of grafts varies for each person, each person’s hair transplant is completed within a single day. The reason for that is the advanced equipment, the large number of assistants, and their expertise in this field.

The seventh step: the importance of following care points after natural hair transplantation

When the hair transplant is done successfully, it’s time to properly care for your hair so that both your and the doctor’s efforts are not wasted. After the end of the hair transplant process, your head will be bandaged. Don’t forget that for three weeks you should not wear a hat or put pressure on them, you should never even touch the transplanted grafts; Because they are fresh and perish. In addition, you should spray the transplanted follicles every 30 minutes to maintain their hydration. You should also take medicines according to the doctor’s order to avoid further problems.

The donor area will heal in 5 to 7 days and the swelling will subside. After that, you have to take care of the first three to four weeks. This care will only be in the field of washing so as not to harm the young grafts. After that, there is no need for any special care.

Reasons for hair loss

Reasons for hair loss

Many reasons can cause hair loss and pattern baldness. These reasons can vary from person to person, but pattern baldness often happens due to certain things. Of course, hair loss exists in both men and women with different severity and weaknesses; But the cause of pattern baldness can only be determined through extensive investigations.

Among all the reasons, more than any other group, men experience hair loss due to hereditary and genetic factors. Anemia, stress and problems caused by nerves, lack of some vitamins and minerals in the body high or low secretion of hormones within the body, and some autoimmune diseases can be among the things that play an effective role in hair loss. All these things can be very effective in how to choose a method or implant or not implant hair; For this reason, the doctor must examine all aspects with care.

hair transplant day

On the day you are going to undergo a hair transplant, you should consider some points to prevent potential issues. Of course, your doctor will give you some tips; However, you should also consider some other factors beyond staying calm.

It is better to eat a light breakfast without caffeine so that you don’t feel hungry during the procedure. Wear or bring a front-buttoning dress to avoid pulling it over your head after the procedure. The rest of the things that will make you relax will be ready at Helia’s specialized skin, hair, and beauty clinic.

Where do they take hair for hair transplant

Where do they take hair for hair transplantation?

As you know, the donor area refers to the region from which hair is intended to be extracted and transplanted to the desired location. The back of the head is often referred to as the donor area or hair bank. Depending on the chosen method and technique, follicle extraction is performed in either strip or follicular unit extraction form. If the donor area has a small volume, you can also get help from the beard section for men. In any case, since it is the individual’s hair that is transplanted to the bald part of the head, it is both long-lasting and grows naturally.

Keep in mind that if a person has a weak donor area or the extent of his bald area is very large, the area under the chin can be used to help the donor area; But it is never removed from the hair that is on the face as a beard. The reason for this is that many nerves and glands in this area make hair removal impossible.

Common medical terms in hair transplantation

Common medical terms in hair transplantation

Now it’s time to familiarize yourself with some common terms that you may come across in the field of hair transplants. You may hear these terms during the planting process or after planting, and it is better to know what the said terms mean. These phrases or terms are as follows:

  • Flap: Flap: the removal of a strip of hair from the back of the head or donor area is referred to as a flap.
  • Graft: Graft: A group of several hair strands together is known as a graft. Each graft typically contains about 3 hairs.
  • Vertex: Vertex: Refers to the area on the top of the head where hair transplantation takes place.
  • Slit: Slit: A slit refers to the openings made on the scalp where hair grafts are inserted

The most suitable people for hair transplant

People whose hair loss has stopped are candidates for this procedure. However, if the hair is still falling out, but the pattern of baldness is clear, hair transplantation can be considered. In any case, you should know that the best time for hair transplant is when the pattern of baldness is clear.

The most suitable people for hair transplant

In general, a person who decides to Hair transplantation with long-term results must be over 18 years old, and, of course, their pattern of baldness must be well-defined. For example, a person who is 18 years old and has only experienced hair loss in the frontal region is not a suitable candidate for this procedure. On the other hand, imagine a person who, at 19, has fluffy and thin hair on the top of his head that indicates pattern baldness. In any case, this is determined by the doctor’s opinion. Beauty seekers can ask for a doctor’s opinion in person or by photo.

Table of suitable and unsuitable candidates for planting

In the most regular had, you should know that people with high sugar, blood pressure, and hemoglobin count, people who have had open heart surgery, have a spring or stand in their heart, take blood thinners like aspirin and heparin, have autoimmune diseases such as lichen planus or are under They are treated with solid corticosteroids, they are allowed to use hair transplant only if the doctor has permitted them and confirmed it in the form of a certificate.

Remember that some hormonal disorders, such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, cause hair loss. If you have this hormonal problem and have had a hair transplant with the doctor’s opinion, you should know that if your hormone secretion remains at the standard level by taking medicine, you will not have any problem. Still, if you stop taking medicine without consulting an endocrinologist, hormonal disorders can cause even the transplanted hair to fall out.

appropriate peopleInappropriate people
blood pressuredoes not have or is under controlTop
blood sugardoes not have or is under controlTop
surgeryIt doesn't exist, or if it did, it wasn't seriousopen heart
special medicinePeople who do not use these drugs and their blood is not thin; As a result, the doctor does not have a problem stopping the blood during Slate.Aspirin - Heparin - Warfarin
hair lossdoes not have it, or if it has, the pattern of baldness is clearhas it
donor areait is completedoes not have
Reaction to receptor hormonesPositivenegative

Contraindications for hair transplantation in Helia Skin and Hair Clinic, Dubai

To be able to perform hair transplant surgery at Helia Skin, Hair, Beauty Clinic, you should know that if you have some conditions, you will not be allowed to use this method. If you are one of the people mentioned in the previous section and your doctor does not give you permission for the operation, you cannot use the hair transplant method in this clinic. Of course, you should know that some things like pressure or sugar can be controlled; if you can prevent these two diseases, there is no problem with hair transplant.

However, some other conditions deny you permission to act. For example, viral diseases such as hepatitis C and AIDS are among these cases. The operation is not performed if the blood test shows that the person’s INR is high. In these people, the blood does not stop quickly during the process, and it will cause problems for the doctor and beautician. In addition, if a person has hemoglobin above 18 or 19, he will be prohibited from performing any operation.

hair loss transplant methods

A complete introduction to hair transplant techniques

We have briefly introduced you to the methods and techniques of natural and undetectable hair transplant so far; However, it is not bad to be fully familiar with these methods now so that if your doctor chooses any of these methods for you, you know how this work is going to be done. The latest hair transplantation methods are as follows in order:

micrografting hair transplant

Micrograft hair transplant; The most popular technique among applicants

The methods of hair transplantation that were done in the past each had their disadvantages, which made beauticians a little hesitant to do it; For this reason, with the advancement of technology, a new method was created that could overshadow the disadvantages of all previous methods. Micrograft hair transplantation is a method that extracts grafts from the donor area with the help of local anesthesia.

The micrograft method used in Helia skin, hair, and beauty clinic is more popular

because the transplanted hair is denser than other methods. Therefore, the density of this method is higher than other methods, where the follicles are removed and implanted in a very small or so-called microform. At the same time, in this method, they use unique and innovative equipment that can significantly help to improve the grafting and Successful hair transplant process; For this reason, it is more prevalent among transplant applicants.

Take a look at the benefits of micrograft

Micrograft has many advantages over other methods. For example, the most crucial advantage of this method is that because hair extraction and transplantation is done in a micro size and smaller than other methods, it has a much higher density. The growth line is planted with the help of DHI. This device makes the growth line come out of the doll’s state and be natural. In addition, the growth line is measured with the help of a 3D laser device; As a result, it fits the anatomy and shape of the beautiful face. Combining all these advantages, a hair transplant is more natural than other methods.

In contrast to the advantages that have been stated, you should know that this method has a considerable drawback. This is because even if the hair transplant is done with the best quality, if the beauty needs proper, essential, and timely care, the result will be overshadowed, and it may face failure.

The excellent FUE hair transplant technique

FUE hair transplantation is a new method. In this method, hair grafts are removed with the help of equipment that has a micro motor. This method has advantages over the FUT method, which uses the device and causes less graft damage. However, this method does not require recovery and sutures, which are among the most essential advantages. Its speed is much lower than methods such as micrografts, and its density is correspondingly low.

FUT hair transplant technique

One of the most popular hair transplant with Natural growth methods is the FUT method. This method, used for moderate baldness, is done with the help of anesthesia. To remove the graft, a strip is cut with a width of one centimeter or a little more; then the grafts are inscribed under a microscope and so-called cut; As a result, it can be said that the development of the work is very high quality.

This method, which has the advantages of high operating speed and the possibility of repeating the operation in the future, also has disadvantages. For example, a person may suffer from transplant complications. At the same time, the suture remains and has a long recovery.

Is it possible to repeat the hair transpThe cost of planting is high
The link speed is very highIt has a high recovery period.
The best grafts are selectedA scar may remain
It has a higher speedNo activity is possible for three days
It costs lessIt is done with the help of surgery

combined hair transplant; Combination of FUT and FUE techniques

The combined hair transplant method integrates the two FUT and FUE methods that we discussed in the previous sections. In the FUT method, a strip is removed from the scalp with the help of a surgical operation, and then the separated grafts are implanted; But in the FUT method, grafts are extracted with the help of a manual holder. In the past, these two methods were mainly used for people with extensive baldness. With its combination, many grafts were obtained, and people who suffered from a lot of hair loss were treated.

This method, which was used in the past, had two critical advantages. In this method, a larger area of baldness was covered, and the number of extracted grafts was very high. In some people, donor area sutures may remain for life, although this is very unlikely. On the other hand, during the first few weeks, the back of the head may feel stretched or numb. However, these side effects disappear after a few weeks. On the other hand, because a manual holder was used, many grafts were lost. The speed of operation was also deficient and slow.

It covers a large area of baldnessSurgery was used in this method
The number of extracted grafts was very highThe planting process was very long
Grafts were destroyed during extraction.
There were stitches and scars.
The recovery was long.
The person had numbness in the back of the head for some time.
He felt a stretch in the back of his head for several weeks.

Stem cell hair transplant

Hair transplantation, which is supposed to be done through stem cells, has yet to be done practically anywhere in the world. This transplant method is being investigated and researched, and no definitive results have been presented to the world. In this way, with the help of stem cells, one strand of hair is transformed into thousands of strands in laboratory conditions. This stage requires several months, But after some time, when the hair strands are ready, the transplant is done. This technique is used for people whose donor area is weak; However, this technique has yet to yield any definitive results.

Hair transplant with Artas intelligent robot

This robotic hair transplant method is now obsolete and is no longer used in many parts of the world, was done with the help of an American machine. Of course, the device was only used for the slatting stage, and its task was to help improve planting quality. However, the big drawback of this intelligent robot was that it could not estimate the depth of each person’s scalp correctly; As a result, people with different scalp thicknesses suffered necrosis, which made this method obsolete.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair transplant

Hair transplantation with high satisfaction, mainly if specialists of a specialized skin, hair, and beauty clinic perform it. The first advantage that can be mentioned for treating baldness with the help of a hair transplant is that it is the most appropriate, sure, and effective method that can restore your hair forever. Among the ways of dealing with hair transplants, this method is the only technique with a 100% sure result. In addition, the beauty seeker, who changes her appearance with this method, becomes younger and regains her lost self-confidence.

However, you should know that this method requires a lot of care in the first days, and if you follow it, all your efforts and money will be helpful. In addition, you may get an infection, and the transplant may not be done correctly. The only negative point in this method is that some diseases, such as cancer requiring chemotherapy, may cause problems after this method.

The only definitive treatment for baldnessIf you don't take care, it will fail
The hair is entirely naturalIt is a bit expensive compared to other ways
can growIf not taken care of, it may get infected
They can be shortened
are permanent
Increase copper's self-confidence.

General care before and after hair transplantation + list of necessary measures

As mentioned, you must follow the care tips from experts and consultants to ensure a successful hair transplant. For this reason, it is essential to keep some main points in mind before and after the operation to avoid getting into trouble. These actions are as follows:

hair transplant Preoperative care

Preoperative care

For your transplant operation to be completed successfully and not to have any problems during the implantation, it is better to keep some points in mind between one week and 72 hours. For example, seriously avoid smoking, hookah, and alcohol. It is better not to consume blood-forming foods such as lentils, red meat, or heart and liver 72 hours before a hair transplant. These foods increase bleeding and cause problems during implantation.

It is better to avoid taking things that cause blood thinning during the three days before the implantation process. Green tea is one of these types. If you are taking a drug with this feature, discuss it with your doctor and consultant. Be sure to shower the night before the procedure. Eat a light, low-caffeine breakfast, and get ready to beautify yourself.

Post-operative care

Since hair transplantation is a sensitive process, it is better to observe things you should remember after any procedure besides the care tips to preserve the hair. Be careful that your scalp will be susceptible after implantation, and the doctor will prescribe painkillers. In addition to these cases, you should add antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to your list of medicines.

So that the donor area from which the graft was taken does not suffer, you should keep the bandage on your head for at least a day and keep this for the first night. The next day, removing the application is better so your head does not swell. You should go to the bathroom two days after the operation and clean the donor area. In addition, you should use washing serum to clean the head on the first and second day after planting; But be careful not to use a towel for drying. After the second day, wash the recipient’s area with baby shampoo every two days to remove excess blood and scales on the head.

List of important actions

In addition to doing the mentioned actions, it is better not to forget a few important points so that you don’t have any problems and your hair transplant ends successfully. Not making these points may not seem important, But it can have a lot of consequences. These measures include:

  1. Try to avoid consuming arbitrary drugs, alcohol, and smoking.
  2. Do not exercise and avoid heavy activities for at least a few weeks after implantation.
  3. Be sure to take the medicines prescribed by the doctor on time.

Signs of successful hair transplant

Signs of successful hair transplant

In your opinion, how can you know that the hair transplant has been done successfully? Specialists of Helia Skin, Hair, and Beauty Clinics believe that the first sign of the operation’s success, contrary to what you expect, is the loss of the hair you planted. This shedding is because the grafting has been successful, and the hair keratin has been detached.

Of course, other signs can be pointed out. For example, you should know that you can see hair regrowth in the third or early fourth month after implantation. In addition, if your scalp is red in the first months, you can get a good omen. This means that the blood supply to the head is improved and can be a sign of hair regrowth. Finally, it would help if you waited for the hair to grow and reach its final density between 8 months and one and a half years after planting. This time will vary from person to person.

What should we expect after hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation, like other beauty procedures, does not immediately achieve the desired and final result; For this reason, it is necessary to be a little patient and allow the process of hair follicles to fall and grow properly and at the specified time. Depending on the applicant’s conditions, this process may reach the final result of Hair transplant after one and a half years.

However, what you should expect is swelling in the head area. This is entirely normal and will be due to the anesthetic injection. To avoid this problem, you should drink a lot of fluids on the first night and sleep at a forty-five-degree angle for 72 hours after the cosmetic procedure to prevent swelling in these areas.

Helia Clinic for a hair transplant

Why is Helia Clinic the right choice for a hair transplant?

Of course, hair transplant surgery is done worldwide; But choosing the right center can directly impact the final result; For this reason, you should know the difference between Helia skin, hair, and beauty Hair and other service centers.

The first and foremost advantage that can attract you to this center is the presence of the best doctor and clinic of hair transplant with a long track record. The doctor of this complex has specialized in hair transplantation for 18 years, and due to this experience, the treatment staff, Like the personnel and technicians, are trained directly under their supervision and are constantly updated. This complex is equipped with the best and most advanced equipment you may not see in any other center; As a result, it can be said with confidence that the results obtained are guaranteed in advance.

This center has an official license, and all the procedures and techniques performed in this center are according to the regulations approved by the vice president of treatment. You can safely come to this collection and use the services of this center to have beautiful hair.

What will the support and advice be like after a hair transplant at Helia Clinic?

The advice of this center will be with you from the moment you take your first step in this clinic. Consultants start accompanying you by introducing themselves and are by your side until the end of the journey. You can ask your support team any questions about how to maintain and care before and after hair transplantation and refer to them.

support and advice after a hair transplant

On the first night after implantation, they will provide you with voice and text messages on how to wash. On the second day to 5 days after planting, the most critical maintenance days, an applicant for beauty services was contacted and asked to send a photo of herself to examine all aspects. They will notify you of all issues, such as how to sleep, washing your head and dressing, taking medicine, and any other problems with the help of voice messages and photos so that you don’t have any issues. At critical times, such as the first week and the end of the second, third, and fourth weeks, you will be contacted by the support team, and this process will continue until the hair reaches its final growth.

The most important factors affecting the cost of dense hair transplantation

One of the most critical questions for people in this direction will be estimating the cost of hair transplantation. The method your doctor chooses for the transplant can affect the final price. The doctor selects a technique based on various factors, and of course, this method, the method, and the equipment used can determine the cost you have to pay in the end.

Does a hair transplant have complications for Beauty enthusiasts?

Indeed, any cosmetic procedure or therapeutic procedure can have many side effects for a person if it is not followed correctly. Undoubtedly, even a simple injection will cause problems if it is not done according to the correct principles. The only way to prevent these side effects is to listen carefully to the recommendations of your doctor and counselors and follow them. For more information on this topic, you can click on the hair transplant complications.

My hair transplant experience in Dubai

These days, due to many reasons caused by lifestyle changes, many people have baldness and hair loss; This is why hair transplants and implants of natural follicles are performed anywhere in the world. You may have also heard that this work is done with high quality in Turkey, But you should know that this is only if you ignore the unique services of Helia Skin, a hair and beauty clinic.

Now you don’t need to travel to Turkey or other countries for a hair transplant. You can use these services efficiently and with the best quality in Dubai. If you are still hesitant in this field, visit the Instagram page of this clinic with the address and read the experiences and opinions of other beauticians to be sure of the quality of the work of this collection.

Is laser treatment recommended after a hair transplant?

Your answer is yes! Laser light therapy is beneficial after you have used different hair transplant methods. One of the primary uses of laser therapy is to help people who have used hair transplant surgery. Two laser therapy sessions are needed to improve hair extraction and transplant site restoration. These two sessions are done on the first and second day immediately after planting. After one month of transplantation, laser therapy accelerates the growth process of transplanted hair.

How long does a hair transplant take?

If the main reason for hair loss is hereditary or genetic causes, hair transplantation can be considered a permanent solution, and its results are permanent. Still, if the cause of your hair loss is many disorders such as hormonal problems such as thyroid or autoimmune diseases such as lichen planus, you should not count on this method as a permanent treatment.

The extent of a person’s baldness and donor area, the type of donor area, the tensile strength of the skin, the blood clotting time, and the person’s blood pressure can affect the duration of the transplant. However, this process takes about eight hours. During these hours, the applicant can change positions, go to the bathroom, and of course, eat and drink with the doctor’s permission.

How many hairs can be transplanted?

You can generally transplant up to 100 grafts in one square centimeter. However, for each square centimeter, the best option is between 80 and 120 strands of hair, equivalent to 25 to 35 grafts. However, this number is flexible and will vary depending on factors such as the bank and hair type. This number depends on the progress of hair loss, the bald area’s size, and the donor area’s quality. Meanwhile, the number is different depending on each person. Thin hair is tough to remove, and thick hair is more manageable; As a result, the number of damaged grafts in thin hair may be very high.

final word

Every day the beauty trends of the fashion world change and new factors are added to it; In the same way, technology provides a new way for people to reach these factors. One of the factors that could be a sign of beauty in the past was having beautiful and thick hair.

Having beautiful and thick hair is the dream of every person. Everyone knows that beautiful hair makes your face more beautiful; For this reason, people who suffer from hair loss and pattern baldness often look for a method to compensate for this deficiency. They try numerous ways, not knowing they can have beautiful hair forever with just one fantastic method.

A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that helps you to have hair as beautiful as your own that grows and covers the bald area. Remember that this method has several techniques, each of which is determined depending on your conditions, But the important thing is to be able to choose the best clinic. This way, you can be sure that everything will go according to your plan. Specialists of Helia Skin, Beauty Clinic, and Beauty Clinic are ready to provide you with the best services and can help you in the best possible way.

Question and Answer

Indeed, we have extensively examined hair transplantation from all aspects, But it is also possible that some questions remain in your mind. Read these answers and contact us if you need help finding your solution.

No! This beauty procedure is one of the few that does not require fasting, and you can eat and drink even during the process.

This amount varies from person to person. Some beauticians have reported that they are no longer numb after 12 hours unless the person has had a hair transplant surgery, which is a little more extensive and lasts up to several weeks.

Yes! The only definitive treatment for baldness in the world is hair transplantation. The rest of the methods may not achieve the desired result or may need to be repeated after some time.

Depending on your hair bank and your tolerance for care, you can grow hair as many times as you want.

This method is the definitive treatment for baldness. However, some diseases, such as cancer and chemotherapy, hormonal disorders, or even burns in the hair area, may cause baldness. Otherwise, baldness will not return.

Hair transplantation requires only one session. However, if the bald area is vast, it is done in two stages. Otherwise, the same session will be enough for the connection.

Yes! By the way, it is okay to know that women are the best options for hair transplantation due to the thinning of the hair strands in a specific pattern of baldness.

Yes! Of course, this is possible if you are under the control of your specialist doctor, control your blood pressure, and have a certificate from the doctor.

If you are over 18 years old and your pattern of baldness has been determined, you can do your treatment with the help of hair transplant surgery.

To diagnose this case, you must see a doctor so that he can answer you after the examination. If you cannot visit in person, you can do this by sending a photo.

On average, grafts have three strands of hair; But some have 1, some 2, and even some six grafts, although six grafts are rarely used.

Yes! Note, however, that the beard in the area under the chin is only used as an auxiliary part of the donor area, and the entire implant is not from this area. Facial hair is not used for transplantation; it has many glands and nerves in this area, which can be damaged.

It varies depending on the type of method. If you have surgery, you should not leave for three days; But for new techniques such as micrograft, you can go to the workplace from the day after planting. However, it is better not to do heavy work.

No, if your treatment has been done correctly and in principle, but people need to make the most of mesotherapy and oral medicine.

Yes! Hair transplantation by surgery is one of the old methods and is now obsolete. New methods do not require surgery at all.

Yes! You can witness the naturalness since it is your hair and looks identical to yours. At the same time, it seems very natural in the new methods because the growth line is coordinated with the face shape.

After two to three months of the transplant process, your new hair will begin to grow; But the final result can be seen after a year and a half.

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