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Newest Hair Transplantation Method
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Hair transplantation is one of the beauty procedures that has many applicants. People who intend to transplant a graft can use different methods. Each method has advantages and disadvantages that the beautician should be familiar with. Currently, the newest method of hair transplantation that can be used is micrograft. Since this method does not require recovery periods, it has become trendy among men.

Also, some methods, such as stem cells, are still in the trial and error stage. For hair transplantation to appear successfully, it is necessary to use the best clinic and specialist. Helia Beauty’s skin and hair clinic can be an excellent choice. In the following, we will examine the methods of hair transplantation more completely. So be with us.

Latest hair transplant techniques

Getting to know the latest hair transplant method

We can refer to micrograft as the latest method of hair transplantation, which, compared to other methods, grafts are removed in micro and smaller sizes. Harvesting smaller grafts will increase the density. People who use the micrograft method to transplant their hair can see more density. In this method, various tools are used that you will not see in other methods, Including:

  1. 3D laser device: It is used to measure the growth line.
  2. Needle-free injection device: used for anesthesia injection. This device does not have needles, and no pain or bleeding will be observed.
  3. Implanter device or DHI: It is used to implant the growth line. The advantage of this device is that the growth line looks natural.

A new method of hair transplantation with an advanced and fully automatic device

Micrograft is the latest method of hair transplants to achieve the highest possible density. There are two ways to remove threads in micrografts. The use of each depends on the situation. For example, when the device is used, one can see better quality, higher finesse, and more density. In some parts, hands are also required Because hair transplantation is considered a beauty, artistic, and medical process. In general, devices can play a constructive role in improving the quality and density of hair transplantation.

Advanced devices are also used in the Artas method. These devices can be used to create slits to place grafts. These devices do their work without manual assistance and have final approval from the US FDA. Since the thickness of people’s skin is different from each other, the depth of the slit will also be different for each beautician. Also, due to the different body anatomy of people, parts of the scalp may have injuries and problems. These things will make it impossible to use these automatic devices for hair transplants and get the desired results.

The latest hair transplant methods in the world

The newest method of hair transplantation in the world

The newest hair transplants method in UAE and other countries is micrograft. This method is currently being performed, and doctors have achieved acceptable results. In micrografts, you will see exceptional quality and density compared to other methods.

Several very new methods are still in the trial and error phase. We can place stem cells among these methods. If the specialists reach valuable results, the stem cell method can radically transform hair transplantation. In this way, you can see the following actions and benefits:

  1. Several strands of hair are kept under laboratory conditions.
  2. After a few months, they multiply the hair strands and turn them into several thousand hair strands.
  3. The stem cell method can be used for weak donor areas.

All news about the final result has yet to be published. For this reason, it is not possible to open an account on it now. The tests should show how and in what form the hair will grow after eight months to a year and how their quality and density will be.

Stem cell method: FCI or proliferation

In the stem cell method, a few strands of hair will be taken from the individual’s donor area and then propagated through stem cells. Different body parts can be used to obtain stem cells, including the umbilical cord, a person’s blood, etc.

The harvested hairs are kept under laboratory conditions and multiplied by the required number, which can be several thousand hairs. Beauty enthusiasts can then go to the clinic to transplant the multiplied grafts. This latest hair transplant method can benefit those with a lot of baldness and weak donor areas. Of course, this method also has disadvantages, which you can see in the following list:

  1. It has yet to enter the market.
  2. People and applicants have yet to be tested.
  3. Currently, there are no specific results.
  4. People who volunteer for the stem cell procedure must be patient for a year to be able to see the final results.

According to the explanations, the stem cell method cannot be considered excellent or poor. The results have not been precise, and whether the propagated hair will fall out is unknown.

Arthas: New method of hair transplant with machine

One of the new methods for hair transplantation is Artas. In this method, devices that have a robot mode are used. The US FDA has approved this method. Although the Arthas method does not harm the body, the Applicants who have used it have not been able to achieve good results. The main reason for this can be the device needing to be more clever. The Artas method device cannot detect the scalp’s depth.

Also, it cannot check possible defects in different parts of the head. The depth of the slits or slits created for placing the hair is significant, which these devices cannot determine. All these things are gathered together and make the final result of the Arthas method not desirable; Therefore, it is not common to use it as the latest techniques of hair transplantation with a device.

Of course, people thought they could see a series of advantages this way. For example, there is no hand involvement in Arthas’ method. Applicants who wanted this method believed that stunning results could be achieved due to its automaticity and the absence of manual intervention. But, over time and according to the results obtained, it became clear that a series of planting parts require using hands, experts, or operators. The importance of this issue depends on the different conditions of each person.


In the neograft method, withdrawal and exit are done with the help of a device. These devices are similar to robot handles, and an operator is needed to work with them. Many people think that because of the lack of involvement of the hand in neo-graft, they can see several advantages, But this notion is entirely wrong. Using the device is associated with various disadvantages, Including:

  1. Grafts may not punch well.
  2. The hair strands may be pulled tightly.
  3. There is also a possibility of damage to the roots of the grafts.

Since the devices cannot detect the damage of the grafts and proceed with the implantation, growth and progress will not be observed, which causes a significant reduction in density. The type of hair and conditions of people are different from each other. For this reason, you cannot rely on these devices, which are not competent, or give them separate data.

These things will cause the quality of planting to decrease. In general, punching and removing the graft of curly, thin hair differs, and this sensitive work must be handled on something other than unplanned devices. Robot-like devices cannot detect this issue, and their use is not recommended.

Latest hair transplant methods in UAE with high-density

The latest hair transplant methods in UAE with high-density

In the explanations above, we mentioned the newest techniques of hair transplants, But in general, the best and most effective method that can be used is micrograft. In this method, the device, operator, and technician are combined. Therefore, the final result of hair transplantation is much denser, more desirable, and of higher quality than other methods.

In the micrograft method, needles with a skinny diameter are used; For this reason, they can harvest more grafts. Due to the higher number of grafts, the density will also increase. In general, using tools increases the quality of planting compared to robots.

Micrograft: The most advanced hair transplant method at Helia Clinic

micrograft: Helia Clinic’s most advanced hair transplant method

Since micrograft, as the latest method of hair transplantation, does not require surgery or stitches, a person will not need to go through special recovery periods. For this reason, men prefer to use this method because they are employed and have social responsibilities. The time required to see the results can vary according to each person. The most critical parameters affecting the success of the micrograft method lead to the following options:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Geographical conditions
  3. How to maintain each person
  4. The amount of smoking, hookah, and alcohol use

Despite these parameters, the final results can generally be seen after eight months to one and a half years. Applicants who use the micrograft method can take responsibility for their work and duties more quickly. It might be interesting to know that the micrograft method was used for the first time in Helia Clinic. The results that this method brought with it were exceptional and excellent.

The same thing caused the number of people who apply for hair transplants using micrografts to increase daily. To use this method, a series of advanced devices are needed. In the beginning, these tools were absent in Dubai. For this reason, Dr. Khorasani took a big step to import them from Germany and Turkey. Micrografts are the most effective hair transplantation method in increasing hair quality and density.

DHI method

The DHI method can be referred to as an advanced and modified version of the FUE method. A special pen with a thin tip is needed to remove the grafts.

This will cause the bald parts to be exposed to all kinds of scratches. The advantage of this method is the naturalness of planting. Also, after 15 to 25 days, you will no longer see wounds and scratches.

If a person’s baldness is extensive, he should not use the DHI method Because, compared to other methods, the number of transplanted grafts is low and ranges from 1500 to 3000. If you, as a beautician, want to get the best results from a hair transplant, you can welcome other methods. The skin and hair clinic offers Helia Micrograft, the newest hair transplantation method.

Super FUE method

In this method, a laser implanter is used to extract the grafts. With the help of these devices, the pain can be minimized. Also, the amount of damage to the follicles is not high. The recovery period of this method is not long Because there will be no need to cut and sew. This method can also be referred to as the newest method of hair transplantation. Super FUE has various advantages, the most important of which include a natural effect and high density. It is also essential to know the disadvantages of this method. Among the weaknesses of this planting method, we can mention the following options:

  1. Very advanced devices are needed for planting.
  2. The relevant specialist and clinic must have high expertise and experience.

Sapphire FUE method

Applicant looking for elegance and precision can use the Sapphire FUE hair transplant method. This method is non-surgical and is included in the category of non-invasive methods. Also, the procedure is very similar to the FUE implantation method. In this method, a series of minor wounds must be created in the donor area to harvest the graft. After two weeks, the scars will disappear.

This method has various advantages, including the low treatment period, the creation of natural hair tissue, and the reduction of damage to hair follicles. Of course, the disadvantages of the Sapphire FUE method cannot be ignored either. High cost compared to other methods is one of these disadvantages. Also, candidates for this method are those who have a thick donor area.

Latest hair transplant methods without donor hair

The latest method of hair transplantation without a donor area

The question for beauty enthusiasts is this: which is the latest method of hair transplantation without a donor area? A source is needed for hair transplantation for harvesting, donating, and transplanting hair. In fact, without a donor area, transplantation will not be possible Unless alternative methods, such as wigs or stem cell methods, are used. Since the stem cell method has yet to reach the final result, it cannot be counted on.

The cost of the latest hair transplant method

In general, it is impossible to declare a single price to estimate the cost of hair transplantation Because various factors and parameters affect the final cost. The type of hair and the extent of baldness are two crucial factors in increasing or decreasing the costs related to implantation. The extent of baldness can be low, medium, high, or very high.

Based on the extent of baldness, the number of grafts will also increase and decrease, and finally, it will affect the expert’s effort. Also, many people have experienced hair transplants several times in other clinics, and now they have turned to Dr. Khorasani due to a lack of success. So, as you have seen, people’s conditions differ, and to determine the cost, they need to be visited in person or online.

last word

Hair transplantation is a sensitive and time-consuming process. For this reason, it is essential to use the best practices. There are different hair grafting methods, each of which can show different characteristics. Applicants should look for the best and newest method to get the best possible results.

Currently, micrograft is known as the latest method of hair transplantation, which can be seen in the final results after eight months to one and a half years if proper care is taken. Among other emerging methods, we can mention Artas, stem cells, and xenografts. The clinic and specialist can also effectively obtain the best results. Helia Skin and Hair specialized clinic, with the benefit of an experienced and professional team, can help beauty enthusiasts.

Question and Answer

In this section, we will address your common questions regarding the latest hair transplant method

Over time, we see many advances in medical science, and hair transplantation is no exception. In hair grafting, new and innovative methods are introduced to solve the problems of previous techniques. In the early days of hair transplantation, the FIT method was on the market. Handholders were needed to perform this procedure. These holders had to be used to remove individual grafts, which made the work extremely difficult for technicians and beauticians and required a lot of time.

Also, due to the direct involvement of the hand, the possibility of damage to the roots of the grafts increased. For this reason, a series of hair strands harvested from the hair bank could not grow. The final result of this issue was the lowering of planting quality and density. Due to the existing disadvantages, many studies were conducted to introduce new devices into the field of hair transplantation. Micromotors were an example of these devices that increased the quality of planting work.

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