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About Helia Clinic

Biography of Helia International Skin and Hair Clinic

Helia International Skin and Hair Clinic is one of the best specialized centers for hair and eyebrow transplants and other beauty services in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and the Middle East. With a 19-year history and using an experienced medical team and modern and advanced equipment, this clinic offers a variety of beauty services to our dear applicants.

Helia Clinic is known as one of the best skin, hair and beauty centers in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) due to the high quality of services and the high satisfaction of its clients. This clinic has an experienced medical team that provides the best services to the applicants with years of experience in the field of skin, hair and beauty.

Helia International Clinic uses advanced equipment in accordance with the world’s modern technology. This equipment allows the doctors and specialists of this clinic to get the best results for the clients.

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A leader in specialized hair transplant services

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Getting to know Helia medical team

The medical team at Helia Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai is led by Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani, a renowned hair transplant surgeon with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Khorasani is a pioneer in the use of the Micrograft technique, a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure that produces natural-looking results. He is also a member of several international hair transplant societies, including the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.
In addition to Dr. Khorasani, the Helia hair transplant team includes a team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons, nurses, and technicians. The team is committed to providing patients with the highest quality of care and achieving the best possible results.

The Helia hair transplant team is dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care and achieving the results they desire. If you are considering hair transplant surgery, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with the Helia team.

The main services of Helia Clinic

Hair Transplant

Eyebrow transplant

Beard transplant


The biography of Dr. Hamid Reza Khorasani

Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani, a famous hair and eyebrow transplant doctor in the United Arab Emirates and a member of the international society of hair transplant surgeons, has more than 20 years of hair transplant experience.

After obtaining the necessary permits from European and Turkish planting associations, he has exclusively transferred the implementation of the new micrograft method from Turkey to Iran and then to Dubai. This specialized implantation method is provided with advanced equipment and a skilled medical team at Helia Skin and Hair Clinic.

Dr. Khorasani has high skills and experience in the field of hair and eyebrow transplantation. He uses different methods of hair transplantation, including micrograft. The micrograft method, which is exclusively performed by Dr. Khorasani in Iran, is an advanced and minimally invasive method that leads to more natural results than other methods.

During his career, Dr. Khorasani has successfully performed thousands of hair and eyebrow transplants. He has a brilliant resume of satisfying his applicants.