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Helia International clinic

Transform your look and reclaim your youthful charm !

International reputation

Helia clinic, located in Dubai, is well known across the world and has welcomed clients from many countries. It would definitely be an honor to welcome you as well.

Natural results

With the experience and expertise of Helia clinic’s medical team, you can fully expect natural, lasting results.

Hair growth guarantee

Helia clinic assures the good results after your hair transplant, hair growth is guaranteed here.

English-speaking assistance

In order to give you the best services, Helia clinic provides English speaking interpreters and assistants throughout the procedure.

Guaranteed Hair Transplant with Micrograft Technique in Dubai

Helia Clinic in Dubai is one of the few centers specializing in hair transplantation. At this clinic, Dr. Khorasani, with extensive experience and skill, utilizes the latest equipment to perform guaranteed hair transplants using the micrograft method. This advanced technique delivers exceptional results.

before the transplantation

You will be fully informed of everything you need to know about the procedure by Dr. Yas and her medical team.

The transplantation procedure

Our team of experienced, attentive professionals will guide you in every step of the process, so you may relax and prepare to enjoy the results!

Post-operative care

Personalized post-operative care is provided by Helia clinic for each client in order to ensure the best results.

Hair regrowth timeline

The improvement of your hair will by closely followed-up by Dr. Yas to ensure the best results.

A leader in specialized beauty services

Before After
Before After

Dr khorasani: leading hair transplant doctor in dubai

For over 19 years, Dr. Khorasani has been at the forefront of hair transplantation in dubai, leading a team of experienced medical professionals. His expertise is renowned worldwide, making him a trusted choice for achieving natural-looking results.


Branches in Iran and Dubai


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Year of Experience

5 star hotels

To help you concentrate on your treatment and for your ease of mind, we welcome you to luxurious hotels located in the most beautiful areas of Dubai.

Shuttles and transportation

Helia clinic will arrange all your shuttles and transportation(airport, hotel and clinic) throughout your entire procedure.

Precise post-operative follow-up

Helia clinic ensures a precise post-operative follow-up to optimize the hair growth and the healing process.

Long term support

Helia clinic’s experts will provide you with long term monitoring of your hair growth and you will receive personalized support.

Other beauty services

Beard transplant

Beard and mustache transplant can be done to restore facial hair. Men whose parts of their beard or mustache have less density or a part of it is empty, or people whose facial hair does not grow due to the presence of wounds, burns, or surgical suture scars, are the most suitable candidates for this procedure.

Eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow transplant is one of the methods that gives you beauty permanently. In the eyebrow transplant process, hairs are removed from the areas around the head or the sides of the ears and planted in the eyebrow area. For this reason, they will have a completely natural result.

Comments from our applicants

saritha dsouza
saritha dsouza
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Very professional and friendly staff. Had a very good experience and hope to have good results after the time specified . However dealing with the team with regards to follow up was great. If you are considering a hair transplant I will surely recommend Helia Clinic
Mahsa Boromand
Mahsa Boromand
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I went to heliaclinic dubai branch for eyebrow transplantation. The atmosphier was really nice and all the staff were kind and perfect. I wen in the morning and released in the evrning. The doctor was really nice lady who was expert and nice. The procedure was good and not too much painful.
amal sadek
amal sadek
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I visited Helia clinic Two days ago, the Team was very good and professional. I Met Dr Yass who is very honest, she is listening to me carefully and select the proper treatment, they are very honest to select the good Products with DHA license. And I am very satisfied with the result. I highly recommend her.
Zakaria Elyakoubi
Zakaria Elyakoubi
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It was a great experience for hair transplant, a specialised and professional staff, good treatment and complete cleanliness and very great prices, following up my case constantly after the completion of the operation.