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Many people like to have complete information about the cost and price of hair transplants and the details of this work in general. Your hair can bring freshness back to your face, and that’s why it’s essential. A hair transplant can give you more confidence. Those who have decided to have a hair transplant want to know what to expect during this process.

In this article, complete information about hair transplantation has been collected. You can contact Helia Skin and Hair Clinic to receive natural hair, eyebrow, and beard transplant services. This collection provides micrograft hair transplant services exclusively under the supervision of Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani. This center has received all valid licenses in Europe and Türkiye. Also, contact our experts for Nanofat fat injection services and other services such as plasma gel.

Cost and price of hair transplant in Dubai

Cost and price of hair transplant in Dubai

The cost of a hair transplant is often one of the biggest concerns of people looking for a hair transplant. Since, except in exceptional cases, most insurances do not accept payment for hair transplants, the discussion of cost becomes more important. Knowing how much the cost of a hair transplant can help you plan more precisely what you want to do.

The cost of a hair transplant depends on many things; having enough information about them can help you. Many specialized centers and beauty clinics in Dubai provide hair transplant services, But all these centers cannot have all the positive features needed for a professional hair transplant.

One of the most important things that makes hair transplant services done well is to do it by a doctor with the necessary license. The doctor’s experience is significant and can affect the final result of your work. Also, in beauty clinics, different methods are used for hair transplant services, But you can see the use of the most up-to-date techniques in the world only at the Helia beauty clinic. The methods used in this clinic are exclusive, and you cannot see them anywhere else.

Of course, other factors affect the final cost you should consider before deciding. Often, the method used for hair transplantation will affect the final cost of the job. Also, the final cost of the work is estimated based on the extent of the baldness and the amount of the place that needs hair transplantation. Apart from these two, the clinic you choose for your hair transplant is also one factor determining the price of a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant cost at Helia Clinic: Starting at $1999

Helia Clinic offers a competitive starting price of $1999 for their procedures. This makes it a potentially attractive option for those seeking an affordable solution to hair loss.

However, it’s important to remember that the final cost of your hair transplant will depend on several factors, such as the number of grafts needed and the specific technique used. During a consultation with Helia Clinic, they can provide a personalized quote based on your unique needs.

Factors affecting the cost of hair transplant

It is impossible to set a definite price for a hair transplant, and there is no confirmed cost. However, the final price is determined according to various factors, which are mentioned below:

Factors affecting the cost of hair transplant

Number of sessions

The necessary sessions for hair transplantation can be different in each clinic. Implantation services in our clinic can be done in one day and only in one step. You may need more time for this in other specialized centers. The reason for this is the use of older methods that require more time.

The size of the bald area

The size of the bald area can affect the final price. It is only necessary to remember that it is often not possible to transplant hair in the case of baldness with a coin pattern Unless at least six months have passed since the last hair loss.

Hair graft implantation method

The expert doctor will determine the method considered for hair transplantation during face-to-face or face-to-face consultation sessions. The final cost differs in suits, fue, combined, ultra-combined, and micro-graft methods.

Geographical location of the clinic

Often, the geographic location of the specialized clinic you are looking for can have a negligible impact on the price of a hair transplant. However, if the clinic you choose is located in the quiet parts of the city, it will be easier for you to travel.

The cost of counseling sessions

If you choose non-attendance consultation sessions for hair transplantation, you will not be charged, But during face-to-face consultation and direct consultation, you often have to pay a fee. The good news is that for the well-being of most of our customers, we have waived the cost of the in-person consultation examination.

Age of hair transplant applicant

People over 18 can use hair transplant services, provided a specialist doctor has diagnosed their hair loss pattern. In the case of older people, if they do not have heart disease or diabetes, hair transplantation is possible. For more information in this field, you can click on the best age for hair transplant.

donor area

The donor area usually refers to the area behind the donor’s head, where we can take a coin or strip from this area, But in some cases where the density of the donor area is low, it is possible to use the hair under the chin. But it is not a donor area by itself.


Another thing that affects the cost of a hair transplant is implantation density. The extent of baldness, the type of donor area, and the method used for hair transplantation will all directly affect the implantation density.

The lowest cost of a hair transplant

The lowest cost of a hair transplant

Due to the various factors affecting the cost of a hair transplant, it is impossible to definitively specify the lowest price for a hair transplant. Still, people with less baldness will likely have to pay less for hair transplants. The more hair the Applicant has to implant during the treatment session, the higher the cost of the treatment will be.

Of course, if the doctor’s expertise is high and he can plant more hair in one session, the cost of an Applicant will be lower by reducing the number of sessions required. However, there is an exception for people who have already had their hair transplants done elsewhere. You may have already done a hair transplant in another center, and due to lack of satisfaction, you intend to experience the specialized hair transplant services of Helia Clinic.

Regarding a hair transplants cost in such people, although the level of baldness may not be very high, the transplantation cost will not be low. The reason for the price increase is that the donor area of these people has been damaged once, and it is more difficult to use it for the second time. For this reason, an increase in cost can be expected despite the low level of baldness.

Cheap hair transplant

The cost of a hair transplant depends on many different factors. The method of doing this is other various methods, and the final cost of each of them changes according to the difficulty of the work and the necessary equipment. Apart from these, the characteristics of one’s hair also affect the final price. The doctor will examine you at the center, and based on the evaluated factors, the best method for hair transplantation will be chosen.

The overall procedure chosen for implantation, the type of hair loss pattern you are experiencing, and the specifications you are considering will affect the price. For example, each person has a specific density in mind to achieve the desired result; to achieve this density, it is necessary to transfer a certain number of hairs. The increase of implanted strands for each area increases the final cost of hair transplantation.

In general, a hair transplants price in our country is relatively high compared to many other expenses. If you have inquired, some centers charge minimal fees compared to other options. You may be wondering why this significant price difference is and why, despite cheap centers, you are suggested to do more research to choose a hair transplant center.

In any work you intend to do, you should know that there is no cheapness without reason, and this significant price difference will show itself in some way as the result of your hair transplant. Everything experiences a considerable price increase according to the country’s economic conditions, and in such a situation, the fixed prices in a particular center are certainly not unreasonable. You will likely need more than quality planting services in such a center.

Complications of cheap hair transplant

As a person who has lost their hair, you are probably only thinking about the method of getting your hair back, which is hair transplantation. You are not the only one who has this thought in your mind, and thousands of people worldwide choose hair transplants to restore their confidence. However, we all know that a hair transplant is a medical procedure, and there is always the possibility of side effects and problems.

To prevent such problems, before doing a hair transplant, it is necessary to research well and choose a reliable center. You should consult with the specialist doctor at this center and get a clear mindset about the possible side effects and the procedure. This will help you make a better decision in choosing the method you want.

Despite the high inflation in our country, the cost of everything is increasing, and a hair transplants fee in some centers is questionable. Please note that many centers that provide hair transplant services at low costs are not specialized clinics and need the necessary legal licenses. The person who performs hair transplants for you in this center is often a doctor and technician who has decided to have his own business.

These centers often need nurses and equipment. The sterilization system is one of the most important things not paid attention to in such centers. They either don’t have a plan for sterilization at all, or their system has a problem. For this reason, such centers have a high possibility of infection after hair transplantation. Since they are not registered anywhere and are often rented, you need help finding someone to answer your problem.

The cost of different hair transplant methods

Like any other beauty procedure, the cost of a hair transplant depends on many factors. The type of hair transplant procedure you choose can affect your final price. Most of the time, the hair transplant cost does not include the medicines and care you should have after the transplant. So keep this in mind.

One of the factors affecting a full hair transplant cost is the volume of work and the type of equipment used. The final cost is often estimated based on the number of hair strands the applicant needs. Also, how you do this can affect the final price. Some centers have no specialist doctors, and technicians perform hair transplants.

A unique method is chosen for the implantation based on the severity of the baldness and the amount of work required. Each process requires special techniques and equipment, and an expert team must be present. Sometimes, other additional items are needed, bringing more costs to the person. For example, depending on the applicant’s condition, the doctor may have to prescribe drugs to improve hair regrowth.

Techniques and equipment are old and not optimal in many hair transplant clinics. The final cost will be higher if the work team has enough expertise and the clinic is equipped. It is okay to check the opinions of other clients before going to the hair transplant center. Sometimes, the low quality of work and the lack of proper equipment cause the cost of a hair transplant to be low. All these factors are essential when choosing the best hair transplant center. Helia Clinic will be the right option for you.

Comparison of hair transplant cost in men and women

Comparison of hair transplant cost in men and women

Hair loss is often hereditary and affects both men and women alike. However, the pattern of growth and progression of hair loss may differ in men and women. Instead of focusing on the biological causes of hair loss, let’s focus on the different patterns of hair loss that affect men and women.

For men, hair loss often starts at the front of the forehead and the hairline and then progresses toward the center of the head. Male hair loss pattern is W or U-shaped. For women, hair loss starts from the center and later moves to the periphery. This shedding shape often creates an L or O-shaped pattern. Considering the different patterns of hair loss in men and women, it is necessary to transplant hair in other parts of the head based on their pattern of hair loss.

Since women’s hair loss often starts from the scalp, the implantation process and the price of a hair transplant differ for them. Also, men planning to do hair transplants should ensure their hair loss progress is complete. Otherwise, it is possible that sometime after the hair transplant, they will see the formation of a bald area in the middle of the head again.

Hair transplantation for men and women have a similar process. Still, it can be said that sometimes, hair transplant is more difficult for women Because most women expect to have a higher density of hair after the implantation. Of course, this high density can increase Hair Transplants Cost. Since women’s donor area is thinner, it is more difficult for them to do this and requires more time and work.

Cost of hair transplant in foreign countries

It is difficult to say which country is the best option for you to choose for a hair transplant. Searching online and reading different opinions can give you much conflicting information. Although hair transplantation is well known in our country, and you can easily find well-equipped centers, many people still travel to another country to receive these services. The cost you have to pay for a hair transplant in each country depends mainly on that country’s currency; Therefore, it is impossible to estimate Hair Transplant Cost and Prices in other countries.

American and European countries charge a lot for beauty services such as hair transplantation. These services cost less in the Emirates, Turkey, and the Persian Gulf countries. For this reason, many people choose to receive hair transplant services in these countries.

The low price of hair transplants in some countries does not mean low quality of work. You should know that the necessary costs are still expected in a country with professional specialists and more success statistics in hair transplantation. One of the critical factors that cause the price of hair transplant services to fluctuate in different countries is the cost of living and the value of that country’s currency.

In countries like the Emirates and Turkey, medicine is an ideal and desirable job that may not have a dollar income, but it can create a good standard of living for a person. The doctors of these countries have thousands of years of experience in hair transplantation. For this reason, if you research before getting hair transplant services, you may get excellent services at lower costs in your country.

Which method has the lowest cost compared to other methods?

For those experiencing severe hair loss, hair transplantation is the only proven way to restore average hair growth in the balding area. If you plan to do a hair transplant, you should remember that recent developments have made the transplant process much easier for applicants. This is especially reassuring for those who are afraid of hair transplantation. The satisfaction percentage of Applicants with new methods is often higher.

FUE and FUT are the two most popular hair transplant methods you hear about today. In the FUT method, a small punch is used to remove the hair follicles and the hair root altogether. This procedure can be done manually or using robotic equipment, depending on the preference of the physician performing the implant.

The FUE method removes an oval-shaped piece of hair, making it possible to access many hair strands at a time. A wound caused by removing a portion of hair remains a scratch on the skin’s surface, although the surrounding hair will cover the area in the future.

What should be done to know the exact cost of the Helia Clinic hair transplant?

What should be done to know the exact cost of the Helia Clinic hair transplant?

Helia Hair Skin and Beauty Clinic is one of the centers with several years of experience in hair, eyebrow, and natural beard transplantation. You can get all specialized micrograft hair transplant services in this clinic, exclusively by Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani. Advanced equipment and all the necessary licenses from the prestigious implant associations in Europe are among the advantages of receiving services at this clinic.

To have accurate information about hair transplant costs in our clinic, you must have your condition checked by a doctor and receive consultation services before transplant services. Counseling can be done in person or offline in this clinic.

During the offline consultation, sending your photos to the collection is enough. Dr. Khorasani examines these images, and the implantation method is selected based on your conditions. This issue can affect of hair transplants price. You can do this for free if you prefer an in-person consultation to get to know the clinic environment a little more. Dr. Khorasani will examine you, and the appropriate hair transplant method for you and its cost will be announced.

In general, the estimation of the cost of a hair transplant in the clinic is determined after receiving consultation services and based on several factors that affect the price. The quality of work and performing hair transplants by a specialist doctor will slightly increase the cost. Also, attention to health standards and the high level of equipment in this clinic affect the price. Other factors determining the cost of hair transplantation include the level of baldness and the difficulty of the work. Also, the type of individual’s donor area and density are other influential factors in the final price of a hair transplant.

Are planting areas cost-effective?

Are planting areas cost-effective?

One factor affecting the cost and price of a hair transplant is which part of the head the applicant wants to have a hair transplant. As mentioned earlier, the desired density affects the cost of planting. Remember that your price will be slightly higher if you plan to do hair transplantation in certain areas, such as the temples.

If a person intends to transplant hair in the temple area, he can get a completely natural result by receiving services from a specialist group. The primary technique used for hair transplantation in the temple area is FUE. In this method, the hair strands are removed from the donor area and then transferred to this section to add volume and thicken the hair strands in the temple.

There are some other cases in the implantation area that increase or decrease the cost and price of hair transplantation. If the applicant has any wounds or stitches in the place he is considering for hair transplantation, or if the effects of burns are seen in that area, there is a need for further investigation. The doctor must check the desired sites carefully and ensure sufficient blood supply in these areas, and it is possible to transplant hair.

In addition to the planting areas, the donor area can affect hair transplantation’s cost and final price. In most cases, people’s donor area is behind their heads. A donor area is an area where hair transplants can be used for transplanting in another place. These grafts are small pieces of the donor’s scalp used for implantation called hair follicles. Each of these follicles contains 1 to 4 hairs. Chin can also be from donor areas.

Can I pay in installments for a hair transplant at Helia Clinic?

Do you dream of having thick and beautiful hair? But has the cost of hair transplant prevented you from fulfilling this wish? Don’t worry anymore! With installment hair transplant services, beauty has become accessible to everyone. With installment hair transplant, you can pay for the cost of hair transplant in several installments and bear less financial burden. Introducing two systems for installment hair transplant:

Tabby and Tamara: These two systems allow you to pay for the cost of hair transplant in 4 interest-free installments in dubai. To use these systems, simply select the “Pay with Tabby” or “Pay with Tamara” option on the Helia Clinic Whatsapp.

But if there are exceptional conditions and it is possible, you can pay the cost of a hair transplant in installments under certain conditions. Of course, you must have paid two-thirds of the cost in cash. You can use checks for the remaining third.

Be careful; your review must be valid if you plan to use installment services and give a check for one-third of your expenses. This means that it is necessary to check the desired tab in the financial unit of the collection, and if it is approved, it is possible to use it. Contact this collection to know the number of installments to pay the cost and the price of a hair transplant.

At Helia Clinic, we guarantee that all beauty and hair transplant services are performed under the direct supervision of our expert doctor, Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani, and using advanced equipment. In addition to hair transplantation, you can use other specialized services in the collection, such as Botox injection, gel injection, Nanofat fat injection, and many other beauty services.

Does insurance cover hair transplants?

One of the most critical issues that concern your mind at the time of a hair transplant is how to pay the price of hair transplantation in the UAE. It would help if you remembered that hair transplantation, like all other beauty services, does not include insurance rates, and you have to count on yourself to pay for it. Remember that the cost of hair transplantation does not have a fixed amount, and even the average price can be very different.

As we said before, the final cost of hair transplantation is determined based on several factors, including the center you have chosen for this work. If, as a foreigner, you intend to do hair transplantation in the Emirates, you should know that the cost of hair transplantation in the Emirates is estimated between 1500 and 2000 dollars.

last word

These days, we all care more about our appearance, and that’s why hair transplants are getting a lot of attention. Your hair significantly affects your face’s beauty and can make you look more attractive than ever. For this reason, you may want to experience hair transplantation. You should know that hair transplant services can have a favorable result if done correctly and by experts. When you decide to get a hair transplant, you certainly want to have complete information about the process.

One of the important topics is the cost and price of hair transplants, which will be affected by several factors. You can contact the experts of this collection by contacting Helia Skin and Hair Clinic and ask your questions regarding specialized hair transplant services. In this collection, in addition to micrograft hair transplant services, you can also use other services such as botox injection, laser hair removal, gel injection, and other specialized services.

Question and Answer

Considering the great acceptance of hair transplant services and their significant effect on your face, we decided to address some of the frequently asked questions. Join us.

Any person over 18 years old and whose hair loss pattern has been determined can use hair transplant services. Older people can also receive implantation services if they do not suffer from some diseases.

The cost of a hair transplant is determined according to various factors. For example, the amount of baldness or the volume of the hair bank affects the final price. Other factors, such as the experience of the doctor and the tools used, can also be influential in determining the price.

You can use face-to-face and face-to-face consultation services for more detailed information about your pattern of baldness, But in general, we can say that it is not possible to transplant hair in the case of hair loss unless at least six months have passed since the last time of hair loss.

In Helia Clinic, it is only possible to receive installment services in exceptional cases, and fees are accepted in cash. In extraordinary circumstances, two-thirds of the total cost must be deposited first. After that, a valid one-month check can be used for the remaining third.

A hair transplant is considered a beauty procedure, and like any other beauty procedure you do, you cannot use insurance. You cannot rely on insurance companies to pay for hair transplants.

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