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Best time for hair transplant
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Applicants who apply for hair transplantation face various questions, one of which is the best time for transplantation. Multiple factors are involved in determining the best time for hair transplantation, each of which is very important. These parameters include age, health status, individual expectations, etc. Also, visiting the best-specialized clinic should not be missed to get an excellent result. Helia Skin and Hair Clinic can be an ideal choice. The following will provide a complete guide regarding the season and the best planting age. So be with us.

Influential factors in determining the best time for hair transplantation

Various aspects and parameters are involved in choosing the best time for hair transplants, each of which has particular importance. Among the influential variables in selecting the best time for hair transplantation are the type of hair loss, the person’s expectations, and health status.

A doctor should check the blood factors of someone who intends to transplant hair. If the beauty enthusiast’s condition is completely normal from the clinic’s point of view, then he will apply for a hair transplant. Among the states that should be ideal, we can mention the following options:

  1. Not having a viral disease such as hepatitis and HIV
  2. Having regular blood sugar
  3. Having a normal INR
  4. Benefiting from a suitable hemoglobin level

Minimum age for hair transplant

Minimum age for hair transplant

The minimum age that Applicants should be for hair transplant is eighteen. At the age of eighteen, a person has reached full maturity. The applicant’s pattern of baldness must also be specified. Then, after visiting the clinic, the person participates in medical tests as ordered by the specialist. If the final answer is typical, he can schedule more complete consultations.

Hair transplantation at the age of 20: Is it too early?

Twenty-year-old applicants can also visit a beauty clinic for hair transplantation, But they must have a series of conditions. For example, their pattern of baldness should be specified. Also, a series of hair strands must show receptors for male hormones. It should be determined which area of the head hair will fall in the future. In this situation, hair transplantation is possible at the age of 20.

Maximum age of hair transplant

There is no maximum age for hair transplantation. If a beauty enthusiast is in a normal condition regarding health and blood factors, a hair transplant is not an obstacle for him. Applicants for transplantation should not have heart and lung disease, and their bodies should be able to accept anesthesia. After the clinic specialist has checked the test results and there are no problems, he can make preparations for a hair transplant.

The best age for hair transplant for men

The best age for hair transplant for men

In general, it is not possible to determine the best age for hair transplantation in men. Beauty seekers who intend to transplant must meet the following conditions:

  1. Have a specific pattern of baldness.
  2. The person is bald.
  3. The person’s scalp should be clear.

Hair loss and baldness may occur at different ages, But they usually start from the age of eighteen. To get the best result, referring to the best specialist is necessary. Dr. Khorasani at Helia Clinic can be a very ideal choice.

The best age for hair transplant for women

Determining the best age for hair transplant in women also depends on various factors. Female Applicants, like men, can undergo hair transplantation if they are over eighteen years old. It should be noted that the causes of hair loss in women and men difference. A limited number of women suffer from hair loss due to hereditary problems and other reasons for baldness. In general, if the scalp of these people is clear and no hair is visible, they are suitable candidates for hair transplantation.

Is a hair transplant better in winter or summer?

The best time for hair transplantation is not limited to a specific season. We want to examine this issue from a scientific point of view. In that case, there is no unique and essential season for hair transplantation, and people in different locations can prepare for transplantation. In general, beauty seekers who apply for hair transplantation are divided into different categories according to the conditions, Including:

  • People who live in cold areas

For example, people who live in the northwest experience cold autumn and winter; For this reason, they prefer to transplant hair in summer or spring. Since it is necessary to shave the head for a hair transplant and you should not use a hat for three weeks after the transplant, warm and moderate days can be an ideal choice.

  • People who live in hot areas

Also, people in southern cities usually do not plant in summer Because the heat is intense, and it may be difficult for them to go around with shaved hair. This group of beauty seekers usually waits for the arrival of the winter season to be more prepared for planting.

  • Other conditions involved in decision-making

Many people consider the second half of the year to be the best time for hair transplants, they can see the final result of the transplant and start the new year with a more attractive appearance. Also, some people assign their hair transplant to the last days of winter Because they have received annuities and holidays and are in a better financial situation.

In general, winter, summer, heat, and cold do not affect the result of hair transplantation. If it weren’t for the people who transplanted in the summer, their hair wouldn’t grow. The opposite of this applies to the winter season as well. In Helia Beauty Enthusiasts’ specialized skin and hair clinic, hair transplants have been done in different seasons, and all of them have been able to get the best results. In general, choosing the right time to plant depends on life conditions and personal preferences, and applying the same prescription for everyone is impossible.

The best season for a hair transplant

The best season for a hair transplant

As we mentioned, the seasons cannot be influential in determining the hair transplantation results, But in some post-planting care, weather conditions may be adequate. In this regard, we have prepared a table and introduced the advantages and disadvantages of planting and caring for hair in two seasons, summer and winter. It is helpful to pay attention to this table to determine the best seasons for hair transplantation:

hair transplant in summer1- It is possible to rest and take more leave.
2- Hair grows faster in summer.
1- There is a lot of sweating and heat, and it will cause fatigue.
2- The transplanted hair should not be exposed to direct sunlight on the first day.
3- Attention to head hygiene should also increase when sweating.
hair transplant in winter1- No more sunburn.
2- You will experience less itching.
1- In the cold, the need to use a hat increases.
2- Air humidity decreases, and moisture needs in the hair area increase.
3- In winter, some people's body vitamins decrease.


When choosing the best time for a hair transplant, you need to consider various parameters and variables, the most important of which are age and health status. The specialist will not start the implantation process when your body condition is abnormal. Also, it does not matter in which season you will do a hair transplant. Only in post-hair transplants care may there be a series of challenges that you can successfully overcome with the guidance of Helia Hair and Skin Clinic experts

Question and Answer

In this part of the article, we will examine three frequently asked questions so that there are no more doubts and questions left. Follow us in the future.

In any case, Helia beauty hair is not transplanted for people under eighteen in the specialized skin clinic Because their individual growth still needs to be completed. There are various reasons why people under the age of eighteen experience hair loss. Accidents and burns are two examples of them. An 18-year-old should go through his complete growth cycle. After that, the specialist conducts preliminary evaluations to determine whether the beauty enthusiast is suitable for graft transplantation.

Those over 60 can also be suitable candidates for hair transplantation, But on the condition that their physical health is proven. Before starting the implantation process, these people need to participate in several tests to determine:

  1. They do not have cardiovascular disease.
  2. They are not suffering from lung diseases.
  3. Their blood factors, such as blood sugar and INR, are perfectly balanced.

They do not have high hemoglobin levels.

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