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Hair Transplants for Men
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One of the problems that many men struggle with is hair loss. Hair strands may fall out for various reasons, one of the most important of which is hereditary factors. If you also suffer from hair loss, you should apply for a hair transplant Because it is the only permanent solution. Hair transplantation in men has different methods; the most ideal suggestion is micrograft. Helia Beauty Skin and Hair Clinic, with the benefit of an experienced team, can help you participate in different situations confidently.

Types of male hair loss and factors affecting it

Men have different types of hair loss, But if we want to name the most common ones, we should mention hereditary or androgenic hair loss, which, unfortunately, most men experience. In addition to hereditary factors, various parameters can also affect hair loss in men, Including:

  1. Some diseases that require chemotherapy or radiation therapy to improve
  2. Lack or increase of some hormones in the body
  3. Types of autoimmune diseases such as lichen planus

How to choose a good hair transplant clinic for men

How to choose a good hair transplant clinic for men?

To get the best results from a hair transplant, you must look for the best clinic. You can choose a good hair transplant clinic when you pay attention to several parameters. Among these parameters, we can mention the following options:

  1. A good clinic should be licensed as a medical assistant.
  2. The doctor working in the clinic must have work experience in hair transplantation.
  3. Also, the beautician should refer to the website of the clinic to get acquainted with the work portfolio of the implant specialist.
  4. If someone around you has had a successful hair transplant, you can get his advice to share his experience.

One of the best hair transplant collections is Helia Clinic, which has an experienced and expert staff. You can contact the experts to arrange a consultation time for you.

How is hair transplant done for men?

Hair transplantation in men is possible with different methods, each of which can share different results. To choose the implantation method, the doctor needs to check the baldness level and the shedding pattern of beauty enthusiasts to finally share with him the ideal proposal to achieve more density.

The best and latest method of hair transplantation in men

The best and latest method of hair transplantation in men

As we mentioned, different methods can be used for hair transplantation, But the newest method for transplantation is micrograft, which has acquired many advantages. Various tools are used in the micrograft method, which you will not see in other methods. According to the grafts, the density (3 to 5 times) in each beautification may be different.

The effect of male hair transplant on self-confidence and social relations

Various factors can affect men’s self-confidence. Hair and beard are among the most critical parameters. Today, the role of attractive appearance in effective social relations must be addressed. For this reason, men who experience partial or complete baldness are looking for ways to solve this problem. The only permanent method that can be used to compensate for lost hair is grafting. You can safely appear in the crowd with a hair transplant at the skin clinic, Helia Beauty Hair.

Types of male hair transplant models

Types of male hair transplant models

Hair transplantation is possible in different models, But men are looking for a way to make their hairline look natural and suitable for their face shape. In the old methods, the growth line was very artificial and seen in one line. For this reason, it is suggested to use the 3D laser method so that the growth line of beauty enthusiasts does not become like a brush. Using the 3D laser micrograft method, the growth line can be determined based on the shape of the face, facial anatomy, starting place, and even age.

For example, in younger beauty enthusiasts, it is better to place the growth line in front, But in older transplant applicants, the growth line can be considered a bit further back to make it look completely natural. To reach the final result of his course, a person must participate in the counseling sessions organized by the clinic doctor. Of course, the impact of the implant or DHI on the natural visibility of the growth line cannot be ignored. Generally, if you have a long or chubby face, you can choose the best hairline by getting advice.

Grey and white Hair Transplants in men

Grey and white Hair Transplants in men

Some young and older adults have brown, white, and gray hair. When these people visit the clinic, they ask about their hair color after implantation. It would help if you did not look for a color change after grafting. Whatever color your donor area is, the hair that grows after transplantation will be the same color. For example, if your donor area is brown or blonde, you will see the same colors in the final result after implantation.

Hair transplantation in men with long hair

Hair transplantation in men with long hair

Some transplant applicants are not interested in shaving their hair due to social work, social status, etc. In this situation, the specialists of Helia Clinic can also perform the implantation process for those with long hair. Still, the transplant method for these people will differ from other applicants.

In general, it is recommended to perform the hair transplant process with shaved hair; Otherwise, beauticians may face problems in care discussions such as washing. For washing, it is necessary to separate the implanted hair from normal hair; Otherwise, all the hair will be wet, and the drying process will be more difficult. It should be noted that hair transplantation in men with long hair will not affect the final result.

Care before and after hair transplant in men

To increase the quality of hair transplantation, beauticians need to pay attention to the care points before and after transplantation. The most important points that must be observed before planting are listed below:

  1. Smoking, hookah, and alcohol should be avoided for 72 hours before planting. Smoking generally causes many problems for the body, including reducing blood supply. The implantation process may also be disrupted when the blood supply is reduced. Suppose 5 thousand grafts are needed for planting. If there is not enough oxygen, some grafts will not be adequately transplanted.
  2. .It is better not to use blood-thinning drugs and blood-forming foods for 72 hours before implantation Because they may make the hair transplant work difficult.

After planting, beauticians should also pay attention to the care tips given to them by the expert team. For example, one can witness stunning results if the hair is washed properly and the medicines are taken on time.

The result of hair transplantation in men

The excellent, average, and lousy result of hair transplantation in men depends on various factors. The most critical parameter is the specialist team and the clinic providing implantation services. Dr. Khorasani, the doctor of Helia Group with 18 years of work experience, can ease your mind about a successful hair transplant result. Getting the desired final results is up to the individual.

As you know, a hair transplant is a beauty procedure requiring much time to see the final results. This period is at least 6 months and, at most, one and a half years. Beauty enthusiasts must show utmost patience and pay enough attention to care points, Including:

  1. They should take the prescribed medicines on time.
  2. .Wash the head according to the program provided by the clinic.
  3. Their head should not be hit Because, in the early days, the grafts are susceptible and may come out of the pores with the slightest impact.
  4. Do not wear T-shirts and hats in the first weeks. The use of buttoned shirts is recommended.

In general, if a person adheres to the care tips, he can see the excellent results of hair transplantation and finally attend all kinds of gatherings more confidently.

Durability of hair transplant in men

For hair transplantation in men, grafts are extracted from the back of the head. Since this area has no receptors for male hormones, you can see permanent and long-lasting results Unless the person is dealing with serious problems. Accidents such as fire and diseases that require chemotherapy and radiation therapy make the transplanted hair fall out. Beauty enthusiasts can enjoy dense hair without shedding if these parameters are considered.

Price of hair transplant for men

In general, it is impossible to consider a fixed and specific price for hair transplantation Because different parameters effectively increase or decrease the Cost of hair transplant. Among these factors, we can mention the following options:

  1. Extent of baldness
  2. Size and type of donor area
  3. Previous hair transplant experience
  4. Scalp health status
  5. Hair transplant method

Benefits of natural hair transplant for men

The benefits of natural hair transplantation for men cannot be ignored. People who have had hair transplants can take full advantage of the attractive look they have achieved. Some people seek to use a variety of chemical and herbal remedies to compensate for their lost hair. These people will see their hair fall again after some time, and this issue will cause them a lot of stress. Even though hair transplantation in men is a permanent and lasting method, you can do your work without worrying.

Complications of hair transplant in men

The side effects of hair transplant are very insignificant compared to its benefits. Of course, this is if the person fully adheres to the care tips provided. Every beauty procedure requires care. If negligence occurs in the implementation of care programs, then the final result will also change, and various complications may be observed.

The difference between artificial and permanent hair transplantation in men

The difference between artificial and permanent hair transplantation in men

Hair transplantation can be done in two ways: artificial and permanent. These methods have many differences, which are helpful for beauticians to get to know. A skull cap or scalp (head tattoo) is an artificial method that does not have permanent results and must be repeated occasionally. People who use helmets are exposed to various risks, Including:

  1. Skin sensitivity due to wig glue
  2. Scalp fungus
  3. Skin inflammation
  4. Severe itching
  5. Suffering from some skin diseases

Complications can also be seen in the scalp or tattoo. For example, in this method, pigments are injected into the epidermis layer with the help of a needle, and this issue will bring a lot of pain to the applicant. In addition, the scalp’s color fades over time, and one must prepare for its restoration. In natural hair transplantation, you will not see these problems anymore, and you can benefit from a permanent method. As long as beauty enthusiasts are not involved in diseases and bitter accidents, hair does not fall out, and the result is permanent.

Treatments other than hair transplantation for male pattern baldness

Hair loss can have different causes; For this reason, treatment methods will be more extensive. For example, if hair loss is hereditary, it cannot be prevented. Only with the help of temporary treatments can you stop the shedding to some extent and delay it.

Some shedding is also due to the body’s lack of mineral and vitamin salts. The increase of these substances also causes shedding. Before people reach the stage of baldness, they should take action to prevent shedding. Heredity is the most common cause of hair loss in men; hair transplantation is the only definitive treatment after baldness in some areas.

last word

Men may experience hair loss for various reasons. Hereditary reasons and deficiency and excess of some substances in the body are among these reasons. If you have hair loss due to hereditary problems, you can transplant to compensate for the lost hair. Hair transplantation in men is possible with different methods, which should be consulted with a doctor to choose the most ideal option. The newest method of hair transplantation used in Helia Clinic is micrograft. This method makes the growth line look natural, and the hair density will be higher.

Question and Answer

Here are some other frequently asked questions about hair transplants in men. These questions can help men who are considering hair transplant to learn more about this treatment:

Hair has different types, and this issue can affect the choice of implantation method. Some men have low back, thin, and so-called low back hair, and this will cause them to have a low back donor area. The best method that can be offered to this group of people is micrograft. In the micrograft method, it is possible to harvest small and micro grafts. For this reason, the fine hair of these people can be used as a donor area and increase the final density.

Hair transplantation is also possible in men with curly hair, But compared to other beauticians, the doctor will face more complexity. The work of harvesting grafts is more specialized in people with curly hair, But the results they get will be awe-inspiring. Curly hair is rougher than other types and can show higher resistance. Also, since the root and stem of curly hair are shaped, the harvesting work will be a little tricky. Therefore, the expertise and experience of the doctor are significant.

People with smooth and soft hair can also apply for graft transplantation. After the growth of the grafts, the hair type will not change Because smooth grafts are extracted and planted in the bald place in the donor area of these people. Smooth and soft hair will also challenge the doctor and beautician a little while planting Because the sleep of the hair must be observed.

Men with blond hair can also have implants. As we mentioned, donor area grafts can be any color; you will see the same color in the final result. Blonde hair is no exception. If people’s hair is very light, the extraction and harvesting process may be harrowing Because they are not easily seen.

This also applies to people with white hair. For this reason, if the beautician agrees, part of the hair will be darker before the transplant, so there is no particular problem in harvesting the grafts. Of course, if the applicants disagree, it will not be a problem, and the doctor can go through the extraction and implantation process without dyeing the hair. If your hair is blonde and you want to dye it after planting, you can do this after 6 months.

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