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A hair transplant is one of the best ways to get lost hair. Different methods are used for hair transplantation. Currently, the micrograft method is among the best options. One of the critical points in this regard is taking care before and after hair transplantation.

For hair transplantation to be done successfully, you must pay attention to these points and do all hair by hair. Also, in addition to following care methods, you should use the best clinic for hair transplantation. Helia Skin, a hair and beauty clinic, can help you and provide the best hair transplant services. In the following, we will thoroughly discuss the care tips and how to maintain after hair transplant, So follow us until the end of this article.

Top tips for hair transplant care before and on the day of surgery

The most important care tips before and on the day of hair transplant

For the hair transplant to be successful, you must follow a series of tips a few days before the transplant. Each of these points is very important and should not be ignored. Before the transplant, you should consume substances and foods that can affect blood thinning. For example, you can use blood thinners with the opinion of a specialist doctor. Also, drinking green tea can help to thin the blood.

Providing enough blood for the body is another critical point, and you can use foods such as lentils, raw pistachios, and the liver to make blood. It should be mentioned that you should not use alcoholic beverages for a few days before the transplant. Also, you should seriously avoid smoking and hookah for 72 hours before transplants.

The most critical points of care measures after hair transplantation

You must follow a series of care tips after hair transplantation to save time and money. All these points are essential, and you should be active about doing them. In the list below, you can see some maintenance tips after a hair transplant:

  1. One of these points is related to smoking cigarettes and hookah. Do not smoke for a few days after transplants.
  2. In the early hours of hair transplantation, you should continuously use normal saline serum and spray it on the transplanted areas. With this, you can wash and remove the blood on the head.
  3. Also, according to the instructions, you must wash the implanted parts continuously and regularly in 48 hours.
  4. Your specialist doctor will prescribe you a prescription for which you should buy the drugs and take them immediately after the implantation.

Care measures after hair transplantation lead to the mentioned cases and other options, which we will examine in more detail below.

Feeding after transplanting

Nutrition is one of the most essential points regarding the care of transplanted hair. During the first 24 hours of implantation, you should drink as much fluid as possible. There are also a series of dos and don’ts about nutrition that are very important to follow. These tips include the following options:

  1. For 24 hours after the hair transplant, you should avoid eating blood-forming foods such as heart, liver, and similar items.
  2. Up to 48 hours after the hair transplant, you must control your caffeine consumption to avoid any particular problems.
  3. Pay attention to the amount of spices in your food. You need to avoid eating salty and spicy foods for 72 hours Because they increase the possibility of swelling and sensitivity.

How long is the recovery period after hair transplantation?

Since the best and newest methods of hair transplantation are non-surgical, they do not have a remarkable recovery period. Just pay attention to the tips that the doctor shares with you. By following these tips, you can make the most of a successful hair transplant and bring back the charm to your face.

Sleeping position after hair transplant

The correct way to sleep after a hair transplant

Sleeping is one of the most critical parameters affecting the desired result. Beauty enthusiasts with implants should sleep half-sitting or rest at an angle of 45 degrees for 72 hours. To prevent swelling, your head needs to be higher than your body. It would help if you also prepared neck pillows.

The correct way to wash hair after hair transplant

Proper head washing after hair transplant

We reach another point in the article on care before and after hair transplantation. You need to know the correct shampoo to wash your hair with. In general, each doctor’s prescription can differ from another, But Dr. Khorasani, as a specialized skin, hair, and beauty clinic in Helia, suggests using implant foam or baby shampoo. Beauty enthusiasts can use these detergents 48 hours after transplanting.

Also, the correct way of washing is significant, and any mistake can lead to various errors. Due to the importance of this topic, the nurse and support team will send you the correct washing method on the same day of implantation. Also, washing hair with baby shampoo and water should be done twice daily. This process should be followed regularly for six months after transplanting.

Essential tips for going out after a hair transplant

Certainly, Beauty enthusiasts are also eager to follow their daily lives after implantation. So that these people’s money and time are well-spent, they should pay attention to essential points regarding going out after a hair transplant. People who have had hair transplants should not be exposed to direct sunlight for 24 hours, But after this time, going out will not cause any problems.

Hairdressing after hair transplant

One of the cares after hair transplantation in men and women is shaving. People can shave the hair in the donor area in three weeks after hair transplants, But to correct the implanted parts, at least six months have passed since the transplant.

The correct way to dress after hair transplant

Wearing clothes is another maintenance condition you should pay attention to after a hair transplant. There are different types of clothes; choosing the wrong option will affect the quality of implanted grafts. For example, you should not wear t-shirts and hats for three weeks after a hair transplant. In this situation, you should prioritize wearing shirts with buttons on the front. After three weeks, wearing clothes that must be worn from the head will not be a problem.

Driving and riding motorcycles after hair transplant

To maintain the implanted hair, you should pay special attention to the issue of driving and riding a motorcycle. Beauty enthusiasts who have done hair transplantation have this question: How many days after the transplant can they go? In general, it is possible to drive a car 24 hours after implantation, But this is not the case with the engine, and there are different conditions. Since the engine is not protected and strong wind hits people while driving, it will be possible to move newly planted grafts. Therefore, it is suggested to refrain from using the engine for moving and going for three weeks after transplants.

Flight after hair transplant

Among the dos and don’ts after hair transplant, we should mention the issue of flying. Beauty enthusiasts always ask whether it is possible to fly after transplants. The answer to this question depends on the transplanting method. For example, flying will not be prohibited since the micrograft method is not surgical and does not require cuts and stitches. But if you have used a surgical procedure for hair transplantation, you should avoid flying for at least 48 hours after the transplant.

Anger and stress after hair transplant

Stress and anger are among the reasons that can hurt all body parts, and hair is no exception. Stress and anxiety can affect the final quality of the transplant. Therefore, before the connection is complete, you should avoid the factors that cause you stress and anger. This is a critical point, and you should pay attention to it.

Prevention of flaking after hair transplantation

In general, after hair transplantation, you will see head flaking. The reason for this is the fat that accumulates around the grafts. Over time, these fats become dry and flaky. To prevent this, you should use vitamin E capsules or ampoules and pour them on the skin. Doing this can lead to the shedding of scales and prevent the scalp from cracking.

Acne after hair transplant

One of the most common problems you may see after a hair transplant is pimples on the scalp. As you know, hair starts to fall out and grow again after transplanting. The same issue leads to the creation of several holes in the head. Fats also appear due to the implanted grafts. These fats enter the pores, and the result is acne. Also, when the hair grows, fats enter the opening faster. Boils are not a particular problem, and with the help of a sterile needle, they can be drained completely.

Minoxidil after hair transplant

Minoxidil after hair transplant

In general, minoxidil has no effect on transplanted hair; But people who are interested in beauty can use it to take care of the remaining hair and prevent their loss.

Hot and cold water compress after hair transplant

There is a possibility of swelling after hair transplantation, so you should prepare for it. In the early hours of the hair transplant, if you see swelling, you can use a cold water compress. Still, if swelling occurs in the secondary hours (approximately 48 hours after implantation), you should use warm water compresses. This compress should only be placed on the forehead or behind the eyes.

Sauna after transplantation after hair transplantation

Another point of care is related to the sauna. Since the sauna is hot, avoiding doing it immediately after a hair transplant is recommended. Sauna and hot water have a very destructive effect on newly planted follicles. It would help if you planned to go to the sauna when your wounds have fully healed. When

The transplant is complete, and the follicles enter the sleep phase; you can start using the sauna, and there is no obstacle for this purpose.

Solarium after hair transplant

Hair transplantation and care of grafts lead to different points, one of which is the solarium. People who plan to use the solarium after transplanting must have a complete transplant. It means that at least four weeks have passed since transplants. When the transplanted hair starts to grow, using the solarium will not be an obstacle either. If you have more questions regarding the solarium, you can share them with the specialists of Helia Clinic.

How to Keep Your Scalp Hydrated After a Hair Transplant

Keeping hair moist after hair transplant

Keeping the grafts moist after transplants is another crucial point that should be addressed. For this purpose, you can use Normal Sin serum for washing. These serums are also available as injections. Normal Sin serum can completely clean the blood vessels on the head.

Removing heavy objects and putting pressure on the implanted hair

Beauty enthusiasts who have done hair transplantation should avoid lifting heavy objects for a while Because moving heavy equipment will put pressure on the implanted grafts, and this will cause these grafts to fall out of place. Also, removing heavy items will increase blood circulation, and this issue will also cause damage to the implanted grafts. Therefore, you should apply minimal pressure to the transplanted hair strands up to three weeks after hair transplantation.

Head injury after hair transplant

Under no circumstances should the head be hit after hair transplantation Because every hit causes the grafts to dislodge and be destroyed. After three weeks, when the transplant is done, you can give gentle blows to the head and run your hands on the hair. But after four weeks, there will be no more problems, and you can use your fingers to wash your hair while going to the bathroom and showering.

Color and keratin after hair transplant

Color and keratin are among the essential points of hair transplant and aftercare. Many people are very interested in hair color. For this reason, the question arises for them: when can they dye their hair? In general, hair can be dyed after six months of hair transplantation. Creatine is also not prohibited, But in general, it is recommended to stay away from creatine Because it will lead to hair loss and a lot of tension is applied to the roots of the hair.

How to open the bandage after a hair transplant?

Suppose you are looking to follow the tips after a hair transplant; pay attention to how to open the bandage. How to open the dressing depends on its type. When you have done a hair transplant at Helia Clinic, you can open the application 24 hours later. By removing the adhesives applied to the back of the head, you can open the dressing and wash the affected area. Helia Skin, Hair, and Beauty Clinic will fully familiarize you with how to do this; there is no need to worry.

How many days after implantation can I sleep like before?

As we mentioned, how you sleep is very important to the success of your bond. After 72 hours, you can sleep usually, But still, you should use neck or U-shaped pillows. These types of pads will prevent the implanted parts from touching each other. Since the transplant has just been done, the fresh grafts may dislodge with impact and ruin all the hard work. Therefore, prioritize the use of these pillows.

Can I use a hat after a hair transplant?

One of the questions that has always been raised is how long after the transplant can a hat be used? Beauty enthusiasts who have used a graft transplant should not use a cap for at least three weeks after the transplant. Generally, using all kinds of hats after four weeks or one month is better. Failure to observe the timing can cause the loss of grafts.

Which strengthening drugs can I take after a hair transplant?

After a hair transplant, taking a series of drugs can be very effective, But your specialist doctor will determine what vitamins and supplements should be used. One of the most appropriate vitamin groups for consumption is vitamin B. This group of vitamins can produce follicles and destroy the oxidants of scalp cells. Also, some vitamins in this group have a positive effect on reducing and controlling stress. Therefore, if your doctor prescribes this vitamin, take it regularly.

When do hair transplant scars heal?

People who use the micrograft method will not have wounds Because the grafts are placed individually in a particular place with a unique device. As an essential point, we can say that everyone’s recovery time is different, But in total, 14 days are needed to heal all possible injuries in the area of ​​the back of the head.

Head massage after hair transplant

One of the things that should be addressed is head massage. You can gently touch your head. There are also a series of lasers that you can follow to increase blood supply. This will accelerate the growth of transplanted hair and can be effective in transplanting. Of course, be aware that at least one month must have passed since the transplant to do these things.


Hair transplant is a sensitive process requiring much care and attention. Any inattention to this issue can have a very harmful and destructive effect on the final result. Care tips include a few days before transplanting and a few months after transplanting. Before and after transplants, attention to a series of points should be prioritized so that you can be satisfied with the result of your Hair transplants.

These tips are placed in different categories, among which we can refer to the discussion of nutrition, clothing, flight, sauna, bath, driving, washing, smoking, etc. Helia skin, hair, and beauty clinic specialists share all the care tips before and after hair transplant with Beauty enthusiasts. This collection will always be with you, with the benefit of solid support. If you need more information, you can contact the collection experts.

Question and Answer

The above material introduced you to the care tips before and after hair transplant. In this section, we will briefly share and answer some frequently asked questions with you, So pay attention to the need to accompany us.

One of the questions always asked is how many days after the transplant should the care points be followed? The fewer the number of transplanting days, the less care will be needed, But you have to be careful for three weeks. Also, it would help if you did not shower directly during this period Because the implanted grafts may be lost.

In general, smoking is not recommended under any circumstances. However, if you plan to have a hair transplant, you should not smoke or hookah for 72 hours before this procedure. Alcohol consumption is also prohibited.

Each doctor’s methods are different. After you apply for a hair transplant at Helia Clinic, you can remove the bandage and bandage on your head 24 hours after the transplant. Also, there will be no need to re-dress after opening. You can talk about this issue with the Helia Clinic support team. Experts will patiently answer you.

Another question Beauty enthusiasts ask is whether it is possible to do a nose job after implantation. There is no possibility of nose surgery immediately after the transplant. Still, nose surgery or any other type of surgery will not cause any problem for the applicant after a month.

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