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To see the result of a hair transplant, you must go through the final growth cycle. Once your hair has grown enough, you can go about your routine, which includes coloring, trimming, etc. You can increase the speed of your hair growth in various ways, and mesotherapy is one of them. In general, various factors are involved in the hair transplantation results, of which the doctor’s expertise is an example. Helia Beauty Skin and Hair Clinic can be suitable in this field.

How long after hair transplantation are grafts secure

How Long After Hair Transplant Are Grafts Secure?

The importance of strengthening the hair graft is very high. For the root to be fully transplanted and the grafts firmly in place, at least two to three weeks have passed since hair transplantation.

Signs of hair growth after implantation

In the first days, keratin and the hair shaft separate and fall out entirely. Then, the hair enters the sleep phase. After reaching the third month, the hair starts to grow again. Among the signs of hair growth is itchy scalp.

How long is a hair transplant result noticeable

How many months after a hair transplant do you see results?

A hair transplant’s result differs for different people and depends on different conditions. If basic care after hair transplantation is observed and nutrition is correct, the final result can be seen after six months to one year. The tolerance period for hair transplantation is six to twelve months. After this time, you can dry your hair, color, and shave.

Hair growth cycle after transplantation

The transplanted hair usually grows up to three weeks, But after this period, hair loss starts, and the follicles enter the sleeping phase. After reaching the third or fourth month, hair growth resumes. You must wait six months and a year and a half to see the final result.

After this period, you will see natural growth, and finally, you can take steps towards shaving, coloring, etc. The whole growth cycle is divided into different parts, and in each of the weeks and months of transplanting, you can see different results, which we will introduce below.

Hair Transplant Timeline

Hair Transplanting after 10 days

The skin and fat around the graft begin to fall in the first to second week after implantation. Then, the stems also fall. Hair growth is different in each person, But generally, until the end of the third month or the beginning of the fourth month, the growth cycle remains constant.

40 days after hair transplantation or the first and second month

Beautiful hair growth should be fixed in the first and second months, forty days after transplanting. If the growth of transplanted hair is not fixed, the result will be like the first grafting days. This means the areas are hairless, and only a few villi may be visible.

The third and fourth months after hair transplantation

When we enter the third and fourth months after the transplant, we will see the growth of the transplanted hair. These grafts are gradually and slowly sprouting and growing, But their height is very short and reaches a few millimeters.

6 months after hair transplant

If a person has proper nutrition and lives in average weather conditions, hair will grow to one and a half centimeters in six months. However, there is still an opportunity for the hairs in the sleeping phase to grow, and the final density will increase. Beauty enthusiasts should pay attention to the critical fact that they should not expect hair growth from the beginning. After six months, you can usually see the density of implanted hair, But if you are looking for the final result, you have to wait up to a year.

9 months after hair transplant

If beauty enthusiasts pay attention to the care points after transplantation, they can get the best result of hair transplantation after 9 months, in such a way that the hair grows at least four to five centimeters. Of course, this amount is variable and cannot be relied on 100%, But you can expect one centimeter of growth every month.

12 months or a year after hair transplant

Generally, the hair is expected to be removed one year after transplanting. Also, after twelve months, the hair has reached a point of growth that the beautician can style. The hair has grown to the size of five to six centimeters.

Comparing the results of Hair Transplantation Methods

Comparison table of the results of different hair transplant methods

In different implantation methods, hair usually starts to grow after one year, But the hair density is higher in the micrograft method Because the grafts are removed in smaller sizes. Also, the distance between the hairs is less than each other. In the sapphire method, the distance between the implanted grafts is greater.

Also, a manual holder is used to harvest grafts in methods such as FUT and FUE. This may cause damage to the root. When the root is damaged, there is a possibility that the transplanted grafts will not see the growth color. In the following, you can see the result table of hair transplants using different methods:

method nameMicrograft methodsapphire methodFUT methodFUE method
How to linkUse of automatic devicesLocal anesthesiaanesthesianon-surgical
DensityTopIt is less compared to micrografts.Medium densityLow density
Wounds and scarshas the lowesthas the lowesthas the mosthas the lowest
damageDoes not damage the grafts during harvesting.Does not damage the grafts during harvesting.Due to using a manual holder, damage to the graft root is possible.Due to using a manual holder, damage to the graft root is possible.

Factors affecting the result of hair transplantation

Every cosmetic and therapeutic procedure that is performed consists of two different parts:

  1. Expertise, and experience of the doctor and treatment staff
  2. How to maintain and care for yourself

In general, care can significantly affect the results of hair transplantation. It takes a lot of time to see the final result of a hair transplant. For this reason, paying particular attention to care points is necessary to avoid wasting time. The time required to see the hair transplantation results is six months to one year. Beauty enthusiasts need a lot of patience to reach this time.

Also, if the aftercare is done well, the final density and growth will reach its maximum. After a year, the hair usually grows like other people’s and can be trimmed or cut. To get the best results from a hair transplant, you can visit Helia Hair and Skin Clinic.

last word

Hair transplant is one of the unique ways to get an attractive appearance. transplanting methods are different, and you have to let the growth cycle complete to get results. It will take six months to a year and a half to complete this cycle. By following some methods, you can increase the result of hair transplantation and the speed of growth of grafts, of which mesotherapy injection and consumption of various supplements are among the best solutions. Also, if you want your hair transplant to be done with the best possible quality, you should use an Experienced hair transplant clinic. Helia Beauty Skin and Hair Clinic can help you in this field.

Question and Answer

Now that you are familiar with the hair growth cycle, we will raise three convenient questions and answer them briefly. So stay with us.

In general, the density of implanted hair depends on the implantation method. There are different methods for transplanting hair grafts, each of which can have different advantages and disadvantages-micrografts are the best methods of hair transplantation. Micrograft has a higher density compared to methods such as SUT. Also, the density of transplanted hair depends on the individual’s hair bank and the number of grafts. If the grafts are triple or quadruple, you will see the highest density in the transplanted hair.

Two to three weeks after hair transplantation, there are limited people whose hair growth remains constant and doesn’t even fall out. Then, hair growth will resume at the end of the third month or the beginning of the fourth month.

The time to determine the final result of a hair transplant in people differs according to different conditions. Many factors can affect the result of hair transplantation, Including:

  1. Age
  2. Nutrition
  3. Climate
  4. Living conditions
  5. Working pressure
  6. Nervous pressure and stress

The time they were required to see the final results can vary from six months to a year and a half. After this period, the hair is expected to be removed entirely.

The role of vitamins and supplements in the effectiveness of hair transplant results must be addressed. This group of materials and elements is needed for the whole body. For example, bones need calcium for growth and strength. Hair strands are no exception to this rule.

If a beauty enthusiast has problems with nutrition after transplanting, he must use various supplements. The lack of vitamins and minerals in the body can be compensated by taking medicine and pills. The body of people should receive a certain amount of vitamins during the day. Failure to pay attention to this issue can lead to many problems, including hair loss.

After a year and a half of implantation, transplanted hairs and grafts do not fall out and are permanent Unless the beauty enthusiast faces unique problems. Among these problems, we can mention the following options:

  1. Hormonal problems: When thyroid hormones are secreted less than usual or too much, they lead to hair loss.
  2. Burns: Burns can also affect hair loss.
  3. Suffering from various cancers: People with cancer must use methods such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Medicines and waves of this method cause hair loss.
  4. Autoimmune diseases: some autoimmune diseases can also affect hair transplantation results, Including Lichen Plan.

There is no such thing as 100% in medical science; Therefore, we cannot say that all grafts grow successfully. In general, under different conditions, it can be expected that ninety percent of the transplanted hairs will begin to grow. We have mentioned these conditions in the following list:

  1. Harvesting of grafts must be done with great precision.
  2. The specialist must follow the necessary principles when transplanting.
  3. The beautician should pay special attention to the care points.
  4. Benefiting from proper nutrition is another crucial point that can be effective due to hair transplant.

One of the questions always raised is whether the transplanted hair will fall out after a while. If we look at this case in a normal state, we must say that the transplanted hairs will not fall out until the end Because the specialist takes help from the back of the head for transplantation. Also, the hair on the back of the head does not have receptors for male hormones.

Many Applicants are looking for ways to increase the growth rate of the transplanted hair to get the best result in hair transplantation. For this purpose, there are various side methods, among which the following options can be mentioned:

  1. Mesotherapy injection
  2. Hair filler injection
  3. Carboxytherapy
  4. Taking all kinds of supplements and vitamins

It should be noted that even if you have not done hair transplantation, you can follow the mentioned methods to grow your hair.

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