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Choosing the best doctor and hair transplant clinic is very important and can be checked because of the close relationship it has with the beauty and appearance of people. For various reasons, people may go to a cosmetic doctor, especially a hair transplant doctor, to achieve goals such as improving their appearance or removing the effects of past events.

The best clinics are the ones that operate under the license of the Deputy Minister of Medicine, and the best doctors are the most skilled and experienced doctors in this field. This article will guide you in finding the best beauty and hair transplant center and getting the best results.

The importance of choosing the best hair transplant specialist

The importance of choosing the best hair transplant specialist

As you know, all medical issues are directly related to our health and can have significant effects and results in our lives. On the other hand, beautiful works also double the importance of work Because, in addition to physical health, they are also influential on our beauty and appearance and powerfully affect our social relationships and self-confidence. Considering all these features, you can guess how vital the best hair transplant doctor and clinic can be.

In fact, in the field of cosmetic medicine, especially in the area of hair transplantation, more than the expertise, literacy, and knowledge that a doctor has acquired in the university and scientific conferences are needed to meet the needs of the beautician. A hair transplant doctor must have gained a lot of experience during his studies and work to diagnose his client’s condition well and go through the best process for a hair transplant to satisfy him. You should choose the best doctor with experience and expertise for a hair transplant.

How to choose your hair transplant doctor?

How do you choose your hair transplant doctor?

Choosing the right doctor is a critical part of deciding to perform a hair transplant. Because all the results you will get in the future depend on this. Everyone is looking for the best hair transplant doctor and clinic, But they need help finding it.

You reading this article should consider yourself lucky Because your path to finding the best hair transplant collection is concise. Helia’s specialized skin, hair, and beauty clinic has collected everything you need to express your beauty in one place. Still, in general, the methods of choosing a doctor for a hair transplant are straightforward, and it is interesting that with these methods, you will only reach a result in Helia Clinic.

A simple search method is on Google. You can get to know doctors by browsing various websites and get a reasonably good idea of ​​each doctor by checking their background. Another method we suggest is to ask the previous clients of the doctor you are considering. Because they have the experience of treatment with that doctor, these people can be good guides for your decisions. In fact, by summarizing your opinions, you can reach a suitable level of confidence about the doctor.

Another method is to check each doctor’s work portfolio published on their social networks or website. You should check if the doctor you are considering has an Instagram page or a particular channel through which he can share his hair transplant experiences with his followers. If you can access these social networks, it will be easy to check the portfolio of different works, and you can easily choose the best doctor and hair transplant clinic.

Features of the best hair transplant doctor and clinic

Features of the best hair transplant doctor and clinic

One of the issues that help us to identify a suitable doctor more efficiently is to recognize the main characteristics of the best doctor. These features will give you reliable criteria and indicators to help you choose your ideal doctor quickly.

Among the characteristics you should consider about the doctor is the amount of his activity history. Also, the feedback received from the previous reference and this person’s work samples are good criteria for review. Among other things that should be mentioned in this section are the moral characteristics of the doctor. The best doctor is the one who, besides having knowledge and skills, is enthusiastic and thoroughly answers all his client’s questions and doubts.

An excellent doctor must have a strong sense of responsibility and do the work of Applicants conscientiously. As we mentioned in the previous sections, it is also helpful to ask the people previously treated by the doctor to choose the best doctor and hair transplant clinic.

Profile and work experience

In the previous section, we have generally described a series of tips and features with which we can recognize a good hair transplant doctor. Now, in this section and the following sections, we will reveal more detailed information so that you can better decide to do your hair transplant by generalizing them with the doctor of your choice. In this section, we will describe the essential features that the best hair transplant doctor should have. The first item is the profile and work experience, the most critical part.

The doctor you choose for cosmetic work should have considerable education. It is now possible for you to get to know his scientific profile and resume and research achievements by searching the Internet. Examining issues such as the description and the university where he studied is very important in this search. Of course, many doctors have learned in an unknown school, But they have excellent skills. This skill depends on their age and the experience they have gained over time.

To choose the best doctor and hair transplant clinic, you should pay attention to the age of the specialist and the length of time he has been active in the beauty field, especially hair transplant. The more experience a doctor has in specialized activities, the higher his expertise is. It would help if you kept in mind that the skill of hair transplantation is not a subject that is taught in universities; Rather, it requires years of work experience and continuous effort and activity in this field. You should pass your doctor through the expertise and skill filters.

Advanced hair transplant devices

In hair transplantation, advanced devices and tools are a powerful arm for what the doctor intends to do. When you enter the research process to choose the best hair transplant doctor, it is better to search the Internet and Google to familiarize yourself with the latest devices offered in this field. This familiarity is essential because, in the next step, you should research which doctor uses modern and up-to-date devices and tools to improve the quality of hair transplants for clients and Applicants.

A doctor who values ​​his work and the rights of his clients, in addition to his knowledge, always keeps his tools up-to-date so that he does not fall behind other countries and doctors. To find the best doctor and hair transplant clinic, you can consider instruments such as an implanter, needle-free injection, head scanning system, 3D laser device, micro motor, and cooling power. The exciting and important point is that a tool like an implant is used worldwide and is exclusively available in the Helia beauty clinic.

Note that these devices and tools, in addition to improving the quality of hair transplantation and leading to a very natural and durable result, also reduce the complications and damages caused to beauty enthusiasts. Interestingly, many hair transplant methods with modern tools are no longer invasive, and the person experiences much less inflammation and bleeding than older methods. Accordingly, knowledge of the devices and equipment available in each clinic is necessary to choose that collection as the best doctor and hair transplant clinic.

Performing the latest methods of hair transplantation with minor complications

In the previous section, we mentioned the positive effect of tools and devices in reducing complications and injuries. In this section, we want to discuss the new methods of hair transplantation and their impact on the client’s experience. As I told you, a good hair transplant doctor always equips himself with the latest science to be recognized as a leading person in the medical field. However, the knowledge of new methods and methods of hair transplantation has another advantage: the significant reduction of errors and the increase in the success rate of this work.

If you have dealt with those who have done hair transplant work years ago, you will know that they have gone through an excruciating process and also spent a lengthy recovery period. Also, the complications of the former style, such as headache and inflammation, have been with them for a long time, and they had to avoid activities such as sports for a while. Now, science has advanced, and new methods have been presented that are much less risky, with fewer complications, a faster process, and a higher probability of success.

For example, a micrograft style transplant is one of the best hair transplant methods in the world, which is currently performed at Helia Clinic. This way, you will quickly achieve your new style and experience less pain and problems.

This method has the highest percentage of success among all known methods in the field of hair transplantation, and only some people see this method and would like to do another style in the clinic and with another doctor. Performing the micrograft method is an excellent criterion for determining the best doctor and hair transplant clinic.

The level of client satisfaction

You can come to this issue if you are hesitating between several clinics and doctors for a hair transplant. The beauty and hair transplantation market is so glamorous and crowded that you cannot easily distinguish a real expert from a fraud and someone who does not have good results. A person may have a pervasive website or an Instagram page filled with various posts and beautiful followers, but they may have little to say in practice. This problem has happened to many visitors so far.

To ensure the correctness of the doctor’s performance, you can personally go to any doctor’s clinic and talk directly with the previous Applicants. It would help if you asked about his expertise, ethics, and behavior, the method he uses, and the final result obtained from the hair transplant. To find the best doctor and hair transplant clinic, it is not enough to visit one or two clinics; you must spend enough time to get the best results of hair transplant. Be sure that you will be okay with spending sensitivity.

Another thing that should be considered regarding the clients’ satisfaction level is the time since their implantation. Many methods show the back feather at the beginning, and it looks good, But over time, it falls, and its success rate decreases. It is interesting to know that through the followers of each doctor’s virtual page and those who have commented on his posts, you can also find his previous referral and express your questions about the quality of the doctor’s work online.

Pre-implantation counseling sessions

One of the criteria and characteristics of a professional and high-quality clinic is to organize prior consultation sessions for all people who decide to do hair transplantation. This issue needs to be addressed in many centers. But for Helia’s skin, hair, and beauty collection, this issue is considered a primary priority, and all people are provided with the possibility of consulting a doctor directly before implantation. If you live in Dubai, you can visit the clinic by making an appointment in advance and asking the doctor everything you need to know.

But this is only part of the story; this possibility has now been provided so that those who do not live in these two cities can communicate with the doctor’s office and receive advice online in several communication networks. In the meantime, one question may have been raised for you: is it necessary to consult before planting?

Should everyone consult with several doctors to choose the best hair transplant doctor and clinic? This issue is beneficial to you in the selection process.

By consulting directly with your doctor, you will get to know his ethics and behavior to some extent. Also, by asking a few questions, the time of his mastery and the importance he attaches to beauty enthusiasts will be determined. Next, consulting with a doctor will resolve your doubts, and you can choose a doctor with a broader view of your beauty matters. Finally, we must state that many people experience anxiety and stress during the hair transplant process, which is entirely normal. Consulting with a doctor who will do this for you effectively reduces stress.

Follow-ups after hair transplant

The last thing we want to check in terms of the criteria and criteria of a reliable hair transplant doctor and clinic is the follow-up after the start of the hair transplant. A professional clinic should have a strong sense of responsibility and support for post-implantation issues. The task of the support department is to follow up on the client’s situation exactly after the hair transplant and to convey to him the ways that can achieve the best results. These follow-ups should be part of the clinic’s services; no separate fee should be charged.

But if we want to introduce you to the best doctor and hair transplant clinic in this regard, Helia’s extensive beauty collection excels in this field with the most robust and experienced support staff. Under the direct supervision of Dr. Khorasani, this staff follows up with all Applicants from the moment the implantation is completed until the final result is reached with the most accurate program. Interestingly, many clients stay in touch with the support team even after completing the follow-up process and getting the result.

In fact, due to the distinctiveness of this collection in terms of providing services, people are willing to keep in touch with the clinic for things like strengthening and caring for hair transplant. Even a pleasant hair transplantation experience makes people choose Helia Clinic again for other beauty matters, and this connection remains for a long time.

Which country has the best doctors for hair transplants?

According to statistics and surveys conducted on a global scale, the best doctors and specialists for beauty matters, especially hair transplants, are based in the Emirates and Turkey. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that the experience and expertise of Turkish doctors are much less compared to Emirati specialists and cannot be reached. For this reason, we can expect that not only from different cities in the UAE but also from abroad, many people will come to our country to do beauty work, especially hair transplants.

It is interesting to know that besides the high quality of beauty and hair transplant services in UAE, a much more appropriate cost is also considered for these works. According to the surveys, many who have immigrated for various reasons prefer the UAE to Turkey for beauty treatments. Because the cost of hair transplants is very reasonable and they are also satisfied with the quality. You can choose the best hair transplant doctor and clinic regarding global quality.

Since Helia Skin, hair, and Beauty Clinic has branches in the UAE, and Dubai, you can be sure that everything will be done according to international standards. You are privileged to benefit from the highest levels of medicine and beauty by paying a very reasonable fee.

Who is the best doctor and hair transplant specialist in Dubai?

Who is the best doctor and hair transplant specialist in Dubai?

In the previous parts, we discussed the characteristics of the best doctor and the methods and criteria for recognizing it. Now, in this section, we want to talk directly about the best doctor specializing in hair transplantation, But before that, it is necessary to remember a series of points again. First, everyone agrees that a doctor must have a lot of work experience, especially in the beauty field. A simple search on the Internet can be handy and beneficial for finding the duration of activity and the amount of history.

Also, the doctor’s proficiency and mastery of beauty matters, especially hair transplantation, is vital, and one cannot easily take risks in such a sensitive matter. The best doctor and hair transplant clinic in Dubai should be Dr. Khorasani and Helia Clinic. Dr. Khorasani, in addition to his years of education and work in general fields, has been engaged in hair transplantation professionally for 18 years. In this respect, he is head and neck above all other specialists.

If you are looking for the best results for your hair transplant work and want the highest percentage of success from this work, you should contact Helia Clinic. Hair transplant work requires a lot of experience, skill, and expertise, and people with limited knowledge and experience cannot provide you with the quality services needed. But the Helia collection can satisfy and convince you in every way with the support of years of specialized activity.

The best doctor and hair transplant clinic in Dubai, according to people

Since everyone has different views, there are various opinions and ideas in choosing a doctor and clinic for beauty matters. It is natural for each person to choose a doctor and beauty center based on their criteria and diagnoses, But remember that there is a common element among all doctors. This common element results from the work that each doctor leaves behind from their hair transplant procedures.

To choose the best doctor and hair transplant clinic in Dubai or any other city, you should check the results published by the doctor and compare them with reality. Seeing different work samples in person and studying the doctor’s career records will help you to choose the best and most effective medicine. Still, in the case of Helia Clinic, with the expert staff headed by Dr. Khorasani, you can safely enter the treatment process.

With the support of thousands of satisfied customers, this collection considers itself the best beauty collection in Dubai, and the high number of satisfaction from the final result can confirm this. Cases such as the exclusive performance of the micrograft method in UAE, and having the most modern and well-equipped clinic in Dubai are proof of this claim. You need help finding another clinic close to Helia Skin, Hair and Beauty Clinic regarding expert staff, support staff, equipment and tools, and the final result.

Best city for hair transplant

If you want to find the best doctor and hair transplant clinic, you should look for it in Dubai. Because this city is the capital and has a large urban population, it is the location of many more doctors, and according to the newer methods and methods, it enters this area first. In the city of Dubai, there are also more modern tools and equipment, known as the center for importing equipment from abroad. But let’s look at two other cities, Mashhad and Shiraz.

The reason for the fame of these two cities for hair transplants is that compared to Dubai, the costs are much more reasonable and economical, but one thing you should keep in mind is that older methods are still standard in these two cities. The drawback of the old ways is that they are more aggressive and have more side effects. Another disadvantage of the old methods is that they are not finished in one session, and the beautician has to do the hair transplant in several sessions.

Another thing worth mentioning is that in Mashhad, there are pilgrims and tourists from countries like Iraq who need to pay more attention to the quality of work. Instead of looking for the best doctor and hair transplant clinic, these people want to do this cheaply, so low-quality and cheap hair transplant work is famous in Mashhad.

The most specialized and equipped hair transplant clinic in UAE

The most specialized and equipped hair transplant clinic in the UAE

The country’s most specialized and well-equipped hair transplant and beauty treatment complex is the Helia complex, which has entered the competition with the best clinics in the world by exclusively performing the micrograft method. By searching on the Internet, you will find that this method has been accepted and completed worldwide, and a clinic in developed countries rarely wants to continue with the previous plans. In addition to having an experienced specialist who is proficient in the micrograft method, Helia Clinic also has access to the best equipment.

Tools such as implanter, cooling power, scan, etc., cannot be found in any other clinic, and Helia, as a pioneer in the field of hair transplantation, has prepared and collected all of them from the best brands in the world. We must also inform you that Helia Group, as the best doctor and hair transplant clinic, has created a 100% sterile and disinfected environment and performs all the necessary standards and regulations with the most incredible sensitivity. This clinic has also obtained a complete set of all required licenses.

Examples of the best hair transplant doctor in Dubai

Examples of the best hair transplant doctors in Dubai

Now, this opportunity has been provided for you to see the examples of Dr. Khorasani’s work as the best hair transplant doctor in Dubai through Helia Clinic’s Instagram page. The best portfolios to review on this page are the videos made by the clients, and you can check things like the number of changes, the final result, the person’s satisfaction, etc., in this way. In addition to the Instagram page, the Helia collection website includes several hair transplant examples.

last word

In this article, we have given you all the tips you need to know about the best hair transplant doctor and clinic. We know that searching on the Internet is very useful, and you can get good results by checking the doctor’s history and viewing the website. Face-to-face or face-to-face and online consultation with a doctor can also give you valuable information about this, But in the end, all your searches and reviews will end at Helia Skin, Hair and Beauty Clinic.

Question and Answer

We have tried our best to answer all your questions throughout the article. In the following, we will answer several frequently asked questions to clear your doubts.

Yes. Helia Skin, Hair and Beauty Clinic has received all the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health and carries out all its activities within the legal framework.

Currently, the best and most modern method of hair transplantation that gives you a natural effect and the most density is the micrograft method, performed exclusively at Helia Clinic.

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